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Qestion: Old or new engine, short or long block? Did you have the head off: check valve timing (timing belt) Are all the wire harnesses hooked back up? Check all grounds. Crank and/ or valve sensors in the right position? Check sparkplugs, wiring, injectors, do you get fuel, spark, Is the "check engine" light on. I have installed many neon motors and i usually replace the timing beltin the process.I have had a couple that didnt start when i was finished.first thing i would do check for spark,then if it has that i would poor a tiny bit of fuel into the throttle body, if it burps out of the throttle body then it is out of time,probably just one or two teeth.i then would take the alt. belt, Power Steering pump,harmonic balancer,and timng cover off.thrn bring the engine up to top dead center and line up your marks, crank pulley has to be set btdc(half a notch before the mark). reassemble in reverse order. good luck!!

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โˆ™ 2008-05-06 02:51:40
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Q: What would make a neon not start after an engine install?
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