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What would make your gearshifter move up and down when you go to accelerate?

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Front or rear wheel drive same problem. Motor and or transmission mount. As the motor shifts on accelaration it can cause the shifter to move. I assume it is in the floor.

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When carrying a passenger on a motorcycle the motorcycle requires time to accelerate slow down and make other maneuvers?

accelerate. slow down. make other maneuvers.

Why a driver will make his car accelerate or decelerate?

To make the car go or slow down.

What would cause a car to bump when you accelerate but It does not make a noise and I feel a bumping when I accelerate and it stops when I let off the gas?

Is it bogging down? if thats what your referring to, then maybe try a fuel pump if yoir car has one.

How do you make a toy car go fast down a ramp with out pushing it?

drop down a 89 degree slope, that way it will accelerate at the speed of gravity

What would make a 1991 Honda accord as you slow down and turn or slow down and then accelerate cause the transmission to slip?

The fluid is in the transmission is low or it needs to be changed. Check the fluid level and see if is full or if it brown and burnt smelling.

How can you make and object accelerate?

An object will accelerate if and only if there is a net force acting on the object.

Why does the handbrake warning light illuminate when you accelerate hard in 1st gear on your 94 Mazda Mx-3 1.8 V6?

I would expect that the brake handle is not down all the way, possible something is under it. When you accelerate the body tweaks enough for the switch to make contact. Just a thought.

What is the reason that an engine idles great and then falls on its face when you accelerate?

Year, make and model would help.

Your Vauxhall astra club 1.6 makes a horrible noise when you accelerate its like a puffing sound it passed its mot fine but you would like to know what it could be?

yea mine makes a funny vibrating noise when i accelerate hard, but it doesnt make it if i accelerate gently? i have no idea sorry

What would cause 1995 Monte Carlo 3.4L DOHC to accelerate while idling?

The 1995 Monte Carlo could have a vacuum leak. An engine vacuum leak can make the car idle up and accelerate.

Does the speed of light accelerate?

The speed of light does not accelerate as it is a constant speed. Protons which make up light however, do accelerate to achieve this speed as they rapidly travel through space.

What does it mean to make swifter with four syllables?


Can a puck accelerate when a hockey stick hit it?

No, the puck cannot accelerate because the exact moment the hockey stick touches the puck, that will be the maximum speed it will reach. for the puck to go faster, it would need extra propulsion methods. Ice would not make it go faster.

Why would a 1997 Chrysler LHS car make a whirring noise when I accelerate while the Ac is running.?

A/C compressor? A/C compressor?

Why does your car make a grinding sound when you accelerate?

Neenor. neenor.neenor.

What also has four syllables means to make swifter?


How does friction affect acceleration?

Friction can make it easier to accelerate something or harder to. More friction on the object being accelerated means it is more difficult to accelerate it. You and a friend are pushing a heavy crate down a street from a standing start. It's difficult to accelerate it. Now try the same thing on a street that is covered with ice. (The two of you have spikes on your shoes.) Better acceleration.

Why would a car make a loud screeching sound when you accelerate through a turn?

Make certain that your serpentine belt is adjusted properly. If that isn't the problem, make sure the power steering is functioning properly.

How long does it take to drive 232 miles?

Distance = Rate x Time In real life you may also stop along the way and accelerate and slow down and so forth. So your question has as many answers as those who would make the journey.

What force is needed to accelerate an elevator with a mass of 1000 kg downward?

-- No force is needed to accelerate any mass downward. Just let it go,and watch it accelerate downward at 9.8 meters per second2.-- To accelerate a 1,000-kg mass upward from the Earth's surface, justpush it up with any force greater than 9,807 newtons (2,204.6 pounds),and make sure it's not rubbing on anything and there are no other forceson it trying to hold it down.

Why would a Toyota Conquest 1600 make a whistling sound when you accelerate?

Most likely an obstruction in the exhaust system. Often that is a plugged catalytic converter.

How spacecraft accelerate in the space?

Spacecraft make use of jet propulsion.

How do you make image move down page as you scroll down?

You would add style="position:fixed" to your tag to make the image move down the page as you scroll.

What causes a rubbing sound to increase when you accelerate and decrease when you slow down?

If you are reffering to tires, the wheels spin faster than the car moves so the tires make a loud squeaking noise.

Can your negative battery cable make it hard for a 93 Honda accord to accelerate?


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