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Go back to the person and be like "Wow you've really changed. Do you think you like me anymore?"

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Q: What would you do if you had a crush on someone you already rejected?
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What do you do when you love someone but at the same time you have crush?

Well love and crush are 2 different things if you love someone then your heart belongs to them if you have a crush on someone then you like them and they make you laugh so if i were you and i loveed someone but at the same time i had a crush on someone i would choose the person i love .

How could you make a move to tell someone how really feel But if you already feel the rejection without words?

If you already feel rejected without words, and you then express some kind of interest or conceivably love, you may then get rejected with words as well. But even if that is how it turns out, you would not really be any more rejected than you already feel yourself to be. And that way you would at least be sure that your feeling of rejection was correct, and not just your own insecurity misleading you. So, give it a try.

How do you tease a guy to make him interested in you to be able to reject him afterwards?

Why would you want to do this? It sounds very cruel; teasing someone just to have the opportunity to crush him later is mean. Would you want someone to do that to you? And if someone already has, you should not repeat something that hurt you in the past.

Why would a seco nd grader have a crush on someone?

Because they can.(:

What should you do if you have a crush on someone who is 9 years younger than you?

tell him i have a crush on someone 35 and im 20, it would be great for an older woman to tell me she fancys me.

What are the signs of a teen crush?

I think signs of a teen crush are pretty obvious....If it is a crush...then you would probably be shy and maybe red faced around the person... u care what that person thinks of you, and if you even question if you have a crush on someone, then you probably do. You definatly know when you dont have a crush on someone, so if you question it....u probably do have a crush on that person

What peninsula does the Bahamas lie off?

Someone already asked (And was already answered by someone else), but the answer would be Florida.

What would you do if someone you liked was already in a relationship?

Find someone else.

Why would a girl ask if you are dating someone and who it is you are dating?

She's obviously has a crush on you.

What is the literal meaning of had a crush on?

The LITERAL meaning would be that something was crushing someone.

How do you tell someone their crush doesn't like them?

It would be lots better if the crush would be the one to tell them, but if you must, tell them nicely and please keep their feelings in mind.

Is it ok to have a crush on someone else and already be in a relationship?

Well what I think is if you have a relationship with someone that that person is the only person you like and have feelings for. But if you do have a crush on someone dont act on it, or talk to the person you are in a relationship and tell him/her what you are feeling and see what they say...But its best to forget about the crush because you are in a relationship. But if you dont want to be in the relationship you are in then break up with the person in a kind way and then go for your crush, but to tell you the truth I would stay with the person your in the relationship with because the person you have a crush on might not like you back and then you lose the person you were dating and the person you liked, so you could basically lose both of them.

What to do if your crush tongue kisses you?

If i were you then i would be very happy about that! obviously your crush has a crush on you too so i would go and ask them if they wanted to hang out again and maybe ask them to be your bf/gf. im sure it will work out great if you guys already kissed ;)

What to do when someone has a crush on you but you have a crush on their best friend?

Tell the person who has a crush on you the truth. I know everyone would say that and its REALLY hard to be so honest with someone telling them you like their best friend but its the best way to get it done without hard feelings.

Why do you think someone would cry when they think about kissing their crush?

they are probably nervous or are scard

Why would someone crush on weird you?

Because they see something in you that you dont and they think that it is unique

Why would a shy girl cross her legs close to her body pointing at her mom and away from her crush?

Not really sure what the crush is, a crush soda or a crush on someone. But, maybe she was embarrassed about something and her mom was close by made her feel uncomfortable.

What do you do if you get a crush on a guy while you're dating someone else?

Think about it first make sure that what you really feel about your crush because it might just be that you have an attraction to him, but this would be something you really need to think about. If you leave the one you're dating just to see if you have a chance with your crush it can be a mistake because you never know if your crush has a crush on someone else. Think about it!

What do you do when you have a crush on someone who offers sex but not a relationship I rejected him and now our friendship is ruined what do I do?

Well you should just move on. Obviously he isn't someone you would want to date. He is just a one night stand. A player. If that is how he is then you shouldn't be his friend either. Just because you wouldn't have sex with him he doesnt talk or hang out with you anymore..? what does that tell you?

What should you do when you have a crush on some one but you have a boyfriend who you love very much?

i really think you should just ignore this crush you have on this person. Because it would really be kind of cheating if you think about someone else like that. I mean just be thankful that you already have someone you really love and adore. Sort your feelings out and let it out or else it'll bother you. Keep reminding yourself that its just a crush, it'll go away later on. It might help if you talk to your boyfriend, i mean he should understand. Just tell him that you have this 'little' crush on someone but his your lover and tell him that it won't change and that you just want his help on how to deal with it or just talk to someone. ;)

What do you do when asking out a boy to avoid getting rejected?

see if he likes to talk to you and if he ever hangs out with you and if he does get someone to ask him if he likes you, but i has to be someone he would tell the truth to.

What if you like someone but the someone is going out with someone already what would you do?

Really all you can do is crush because you would'nt want to try and mess someone's relationship up that's just starting drama so just give a flirty signal and maybe he'll catch feelings and you just might be in luck :)

What is my crush doesn't like me and the whole school finds out it would be so embarrassing because im in a really small high school?

when someone gets rejected by someone one thing happens more people start to look there way sometimes the person that helps you at a bad time was actually the right person the whole time

What if you have a cute crush and someone says that he smells?

then would go tell him to go take a shower

Does Shia LaBeouf have a crush on someone?

He is newly married to Mia Goth, so if he does, it would likely be her.