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The shotgun theory simply means marketing to the masses, rather than selecting a specific target market. An example of shotgun marketing would be to simply place and advert on primetime television, without focussing on any specific audience (target market). The rifle theory refers to mroe specific target marketing where specific audiences/customers are focussed upon. For example a company produces a podcast (advert for ipods) aimed at teenagers. Not only will the message be relevant to this specific audience but so is the medium. So it is basically mass marketing and target marketing.

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Q: Whats the difference between the shotgun approach to marketing efforts and the rifle approach to marketing efforts?
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What is the difference between target market and marketing?

A target market is the group of people that marketing efforts are directed towards.

What is the difference between sales orientation and marketing orientation?

marketing orinted believe that all partsall deptment and all starf members of the besiness should focus their efforts and hard to setisfy the needs of the consumers and make profit at the same time

What stance do tobacco companies usually take in their marketing efforts?

Which stance do tobacco companies usually take in their marketing efforts

What is the difference between direct marketing and general marketing?

General advertising aims to raise awareness, whereas direct advertising is judged on the basis of sales results. In truth, direct marketing efforts help to build the brand, while broad advertising boosts response rates.

Efforts Deviation means?

Difference between the actual and planned for a effort is known as effort deviation.

What is implication of Marketing Myopia?

When the focus of the marketing efforts does not serve the needs of the buyer but rather the product or company themselves.

Service and nonprofit organization marketing?

The Winn Group specializes in helping nonprofits with their marketing efforts and website design.

What is Seductive Marketing?

"Seductive Marketing" is a marketing method that leads a potential buyer through a sequence of psychological mind states towards making a buying decision. The knowledge of the buyer's emotional state allows the marketer to target precisely all marketing efforts on moving customers to the next favorable state. The result of this emotional "sniper" approach are reduced marketing costs and maximized conversion/closing ratios. The term "Seductive Marketing" was coined by the Keeper of the Seduction Marketing Vault.

Which efforts was not made by president hoover to end the depression?

Do-nothing approach

How marketing research is part of marketing strategy?

Marketing research is necessary to effectively continue and justify the deployment of a marketing plan into a specific geographic or demographic market. You need research to predict outcomes of marketing efforts.

What is a group of customers toward which a firm directs its marketing efforts?

Target Market

How the concept of marketing was evolved from the concept of production and selling?

The Concept of Marketing was evolved since production and selling concepts were not fully encompassing (or manifesting ) the right position of the customers. As it is known production concept emphasizes on efficient production and distribution of products because the demand in the market is greater than the supply. When we come to the selling concept the demand in the market is equal to the supply. thus so as to sell there products companies will use promotional efforts aggressively. Because they have the thought that consumers will not think of buying our products. And it is appropriate for unsought goods such as insurance and encyclopedias. Moving away from the afforementioned thoughts, unfortunately, there is still a misunderstanding about the word marketing. Many people, including top executives, use it as a sophisticated term for selling. Actually, marketing is a way of managing a business so that each critical business decision is made with full knowledge of the impact it will have on the customer.Here are some specific ways in which the marketing approach differs from the classic, or sales, approach to managing a business. 1. In the classic approach, engineers and designers create a product, which is then given to salespeople who are told to find customers and sell the product. In the marketing approach, the first step is to determine what the customer needs or wants. That information is given to designers who develop the product and finally to engineers who produce it. Thus, the sales approach only ends with the customer, while the marketing approach begins and ends with the customer. 2. The second major difference between the sales and marketing approaches is the focus of management. The sales approach almost always focuses on volume while the marketing approach focuses on profit. In short, under the classic (sales) approach the customer exists for the business, while under the marketing approach the business exists for the customer. The marketing concept is a management plan that views all marketing components as part of a total system that requires effective planning, organization, leadership and control. It is based on the importance of customers to a firm, and states that: All company policies and activities should be aimed at satisfying customer needs.Profitable sales volume is a better company goal than maximum sales volume. I think this the idea that I have for the posted question.

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