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yes this is due to implantation.

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You are not pregnant but when you went to the bathroom it wasnt exactly blood but it had a small tint of red could you be pregnant?

If you are not pregnant, then how can you be pregnant?

Is it normal for implantation blood to last up to 6 days?

I'm not certain if this is considered normal, but I had implantation bleeding that lasted exactly 6 days when I was pregnant with my son.

Do a discharged egg with blood means that I am pregnant?

What exactly do you mean? If you mean that you know you ovulated and AT THE TIME of ovulation, you had some blood, it's normal, and not a sign of pregnancy. If you meant a week or later after you know you ovulated, you may be pregnant.

Is it normal to have drops of blood come out of vagina while pregnant?


Should you experience blood clots when you go to the bathroom?

During your period it is normal to experience blood clots but if you mean when you go to the bathroom and are not on your period, then this is not normal and should be investigated. It is most likely caused by a hormonal inbalance.

If your pregnant and you get a blood test exactly what does the blood test show to conclude your pregnant?

It shows a high amount of a certain hormone

Why do you have blood in your urine and you are not pregnant?

I am a nurse and you NEED to go get this checked out...If there is blood in your urine this is NOT normal.

Is it normal to wipe out a little bit of blood when your 12 weeks pregnant?

Spotting is completely normal

Bleeding from the anus when going to the bathroom is this normal?

Yes, it is completely normal to bleed from your anus when taking a dump. I normally spew out so much blood, there is more blood then Excrement.

Can you have a negative hpt and have light blood spotting and still be pregnant?

i have spotting but its a light flow that i have never had. i have all the pregnant symptoms is it normal the blood is not brown but a deep red?

Your about 5 weeks pregnant and had a little bit of pink blood when you went to the bathroom and is there everytime i go is it normal?

I don't want to worry you but when that happened to me I miscarried..however it doesn't have to mean that I would see my doctor just to but your mind at ease

You think you are pregnant but you did not take a test you have most of the signs of pregnancy but you are on your period it is bright red blood with dark blood clots could you still be pregnant?

If your period has come at the normal time it is unlikely you are pregnant.

What happens if your cleaning your guinea pigs cage and there is pink stuff where she uses the bathroom is this normal?

this could be blood and you should get your piggy checked by a vet. no this isn't normal

What is the normal blood pressure of 19 months pregnant women?

Likely non-existent, as women are only pregnant for nine months.

Can you get pregnant if you had red and brown coming out from your period?

Yes, it is normal for a period to have different shades of blood. The brown is blood dried blood and the red is new.

Could you be pregnant if you have a light blood flow then normal blood flow but had no cramps?

It is possible to experience vaginal bleeding when you are pregnant, but it is unlikely - it is also biologically impossible to menstruate during pregnancy. If you think that you could be pregnant then take a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant or not.

Is there hcg in a woman's blood if she is not pregnant?

Yes. HCG levels between 0-5 are common in non-pregnant women and are considered to be normal.

What does it mean when you go to the bathroom and you bleed like your on your period but then it stops and it only happens that one time?

You might be pregnant, the blood may be from implantation.

Is it normal to have a lot of blood on the toilet paper after going to the bathroom?

In the right part of a woman's menstruation cycle that might be normal, but otherwise it is usually a sign of something that needs attention.

Have had brown spotting for about 3 days now and today their was a little bit of red blood could you be pregnant?

Brown spotting is dried blood from your uterus, its normal. If you feel that you may be pregnant get tested.

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and yesterday you had got an pap done but later on that night when I used the bathroom you seen light brown blood in your undies or what ever is this a sign of a miscarriage?

I miscarried at 8 weeks and that's exactly what happened to me. Be sure to see your doctor soon.

Is it normal when your spotting pink blood during five weeks pregnant?

No it is not normal. You should see a Dr or go to the ER right away.

What does Bella eat in Breaking Dawn?

Before she becomes a vampire she eats normal food. Then, when she is pregnant she eats normal food + drinks a lot of blood. Then she becomes vampire, and drink animal blood :)

Is brown discharge normal after using Metronidazole vaginal gel when pregnant?

Yes even if not pregnant. Its clearing out all the bacteria. Mostly dry blood

Why is my blood pressure higher when laying down and I am in early pregnancy?

your blood pressure is always slightly higher then normal when your pregnant due to increase blood flow to the placenta

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