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When Italy has been an ally of the US?

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Italy currently is an ally of the US and especilly in the Iraq war.

Italy was an opponent of the US during WW2

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Is Italy an ally of the US?

Italy was an ally WW1 but not in WW2

Which of these countries was not an ally of the US at the end of 1940?


Where was Italy during the bombing of pearl harbor?

in italy. italy was an ally of germany, as Mussolini was allied with Hitler. Italy was not allied with the US.

Who was not an ally of the US during World War 2?

Germany, Japan, and Italy

What of these was not an ally of the US during World War 2?

Germany,Italy, Japan

Was Italy an ally of germany in World War 2?

Yes, Italy was a German ally

Why did Germany and Italy declared war in the us?

After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor we declared war on them. Germany was an ally of Japan so they declared war on us. Italy was an ally of Germany so they went along with Germany and declared war.

Was Hitler was the absolute ruler of Italy?

No. Italy was an ally, but Hitler did not rule Italy.

Was Italy an enemy or ally to the US in World War 2?

An enemy. Italy was on the Axis side in WW2, it was at this time a fascist state run by Mussolini.

Who was the dictator in Italy Germany's ally?


Had Hitler ever attacked Rome or Italy?

Nope, Italy was Germany's ally.

What year did Hitler take Italy?

Italy was part of the Axis (ally to Hitler)

What country started out as an ally of Germany but then joined the allied powers?

Italy was the country that, under Benito Mussolini, was an ally of Germany, until the Italian people deposed the dictator, and Italy became an ally of the allied powers.

Why did the US ally with US during World War 2?

France, Britain, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, Italy (late war) to name a few

Albania has been a close ally of?

Albania has been a close ally of

Which country stopped being an ally of Germany?


What country was hitlers main fascist ally?


What countries were not invaded by the Nazis?

To what i know of Russia, us, Italy, Norway, Sweden , antatica, any of Africa, or latin America. +++ Italy was not invaded by the Nazis but was an ally. Norway was invaded and occupied by them.

Who was germany's ally in World War 2?

Italy and Japan

Which country did not side with their previrous ally during ww1?


What king was Aeneas ally in Italy in the Aeneid?


What country was an ally of germany and italy?

Japan and Austria were 2.

What country was not an ally of the United States at the end of 1940?


In what year did Italy invade Czechoslovakia?

Italy never invaded Czechoslovakia. Germany, an ally of Italy at the time, invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938.

Is Oman a US ally?

Oman is mainly a British ally.