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Your light control module(LCM) may not be working. I replaced my air suspension system with regular shocks because of this problem. The LCM is a black box almost the size of a vhs tape found underneath the steering wheel.

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Where is the relay for the suspension compressor on a 2003 grand marquis?

In the Power Distribution Box in the engine compartment ( the P D BOX is " live " ) Relay # 303 ( one of the large relays ) is the air suspension relay

Where are the relays for power to the air conditioning compressor located?

Hey Grady==You don't say what kind of car you have but most don't have relays on the compressor. Ihere is a cycling switch on the accumulator that when it is low will keep the compressor from engaging. GoodlukcJoe

What relay number is for the air suspension on a 2001 Lincoln Navigator?


Is there a fuse under the hood for the AC compressor on a 1999 Mercury Villager that would cause the compressor not to start when the AC is turned on?

Besides fuses,there are relays that activate this compresorm most of them located under the hood; however, most of the compresors have a pressure control switch, if you have a small loss of refrigerant, eventually it is going to loose pressure an your compressor will not start to prevent compressor damage. Evacuate the system and refill with the correct amont of refrigerant.

Where is the ac compressor relay on a 1997 Mercury Marquis?

In the relay box next to all the other relays.

How do you test a fridge compressor?

If the compressor doesn't start remove all the relays and circuitry installed on it and measure the resistance of the windings A video detailing the process can be found in related links.

Are there 1 or 2 air compressor relays in navigator?

2. The 4 by 100 relay and the 4 by 400 relay.

No power to ac compressor only power to everything else 2001 escort zx2?

Check under the air filter housing for the PCM (power control module) if you could open it you would see about 5 relays on a circuit board one of the relays is for ac compressor. In general change the PCM.

Why would a 2001 Ford Explorer AC blow hot air but full of freon?

Mabe your compressor is not kicking on for some reason. Check to see if the front of your compressor starts spinning when you turn it on. If it don't check to see if there is power to the wires that go to your compressor. If there is power you have a bad compressor. If there is not check the fuses or relays.

What is the location number of the air pump relay power distribution box under the hood of a 1998 ford expedition?

I was looking at the power distribution box diagram for your 1998 Ford Expedition and it shows ( 6 ) relays but none of them are labelled for the air suspension In the P D BOX : fuse # 4 is a 15 amp mini fuse for the air suspension service switch and fuse # 15 is a 50 amp maxi fuse for the AIR SUSPENSION SOLID STATE COMPRESSOR RELAY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just adding to my answer : I did a Google search and found that the solid state air compressor relay is mounted on a bracket near the passenger side headlight

Why would the power windows and door locks on your 2002 Bonneville as well as the auto shut off for the radio quit working you have checked all fuses and connections?

Have you checked the relays?

What does the constant control relay module do on 1999 Ford Escort?

The CCRM is a set of relays in the same box. The relays control the radiator cooling fan, the PCM, the fuel pump and the A/C compressor. Pre-97 Escorts had separate relays on the above functions. Starting in 97 continuing through 2002 they put all the relays in one box.

2000 escort How to fix running lights not working bulbs and fuse are good?

have u checked ur relays?

What fuse controls the ac compressor clutch on a 1996 Chrysler sebring?

Look under the hood in the power distribution box and you will see a group of relays and it will be the top one on row one (compressor clutch relay).........

1996 Chrysler sebring have checked all fuses and relays and still no brake lights is there an in-line fuse you are missing?

Assuming you have checked the bulbs, check the brake light switch.

What does the constant control relay module do?

The CCRM is a set of 4 relays in one module. The relays are : 1. Relay for the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) 2. Relays for the high and low radiator fan speeds. 3. Relay for the fuel pump. 4. Relay for the Air Conditioning clutch on the compressor.

What are the relays on the firewall on a 1996 Chevy s10?

AC compressor clutch relay, starter relay, high speed blower motor relay,

Where is Compressor ac relay for 1987 Honda civic?

Under the hood in front part close to the right side of radiator there are 3 relays

How to operate a relay through two parallel relays?

To operate a relay ( I am calling "third relay") from two separate parallel control relays is called logic "or". Connect the power wire coming in to both of the paralleled relays' switch common contact. ( These relays are up to you to wire their coils and activate.) Depending on the logic required you will wire the third relay coil to the paralleled control relays normally open or normally closed contacts. That is: Do you you want the third relay to go on with the control relays activation or off?

Where is the AC compressor relay switch located?

Depends on the make and model of the vehicle. On newer cars check the power distribution box where the relays are located.

My cooling fans won't run on my 91 Honda accord and i already checked the fuses and relays?

that my be caused by a faulty fan switch

Where is air suspension motor relay located on a Lincoln Mark VII?

Under the hood near the air compressor. it is mounted to a bracket on the rh side. it will look like a square box aprox. 1 inch square. 2 Relays will be mounted side by side will be green or brown at the base with a black plastic upper cap portion.

What are the fuses for on the firewalll of 1996 s10?

There are no fuses on the firewall to my knowledge but there is at least two relays, one is the AC compressor clutch relay and the other is the starter relay.

What can be wrong with a 1997 Ford Escort that does not start even after replacing the battery and alternator?

If your headlights, horn and everything work, I would have the ignition switch checked out. Make sure you checked all ingition fuses and relays first.

Ac compressor wont ingage full freon?

Check the following.......... 1. Power and ground to the compressor clutch coil.. 2. Pressure switches and relays.. 3. A/C -heater controller.. Without the year, make and model its very hard to narrow it down..

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