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When a car going over 70 mph starts making a humming noise what can it be?


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2010-03-19 00:36:56
2010-03-19 00:36:56

The problem is in the tire balance.Go to your local tire shop and have the tires rebalanced.

answer more that likely is not tire balance tire balance will feel ruff at certain sppeds humming is either tire tread noise on pavement or wind noise but most likely to be tire tread only way to fix is to buy different tires or dont drive at 70 mph,lol

AnswerI don't think it's the tire balance. Humming at higher speeds sounds like a wheel bearing to me. If the sound is less when you're turning one direction, then the opposite wheel bearing is the problem. It's a cheap part and a quick fix; more painless than new tires, which always need to be replaced in pairs at least. Tire problems are way more commonly felt in the steering and suspension, and not really heard.

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