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Overall, her behavior towards you, if she continuously flirts or touches you, seeks you out when she sees you. But some people are flirtatious with many people, including those that they have no interest in dating, so while her body language may appear overly friendly, it may be that is how she is with other people as well. See how she acts around other guy friends. If you're that interested, why not ask her out?

2006-07-19 14:11:31
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Is John Cena friends with his friends?

Yes otherwise they wouldn't be his friends

What language do you use with friends?

I use informal language (slang) with my friends as they understand it.

Was it appropriate to tell my friends I couldn't afford to give gifts this year?

Certainly. To do otherwise would have involved you spending funds you cannot afford, or having them believe you passed over them. True friends will understand. The other people are not your friends.

How do you say friends in luhya language?

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You can't make them believe in you, they should have believed in you in the first place. If they didn't, they weren't true friends to begin with, only true friends will believe you. If they don't believe you it is important to stay true to yourself and know that you know what happened.

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Atheists believe friends exist.

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If he says he just wants to be friends that means he just wants to be friends so YES you should believe him.

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because otherwise you wil be a loner:) and not have anyone to get drunk with:)

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Yeah it is, my friends say otherwise, but they are not too smart.

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What is traditional afrikaans culture?

well one of my best friends is from this "culture" i believe that they're culture is just like a normal persons. afrikaans is just a language/dialect... but i may be wrong...

What is the Latin phrase for friends of Latin?

Amici linguæ latinæ, literally; friends of the latin language

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tvoji prijatelji

What year was FRIENDS created?

I believe it was 1994

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It depends in which god you believe in.

How do you write Steven didn't believe his friends He agreed to help them anyway as a compound sentence?

Steven didn't believe his friends; he agreed to help them anyway.

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no they are not. Otherwise it would be Stacy kelly but its Stacy London and they are totally just friends. You would be an idiot to think otherwise

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