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Yes, as long as it's not warped or anything. The rotors on my cars are also smooth & not warped and I've never turned the rotors in 140,000 miles. Some people turn the rotors as a matter of fact.

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โˆ™ 2004-09-17 14:37:47
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Q: When changing the brake pads on a Mercedes ML320 can you skip the turning of the rotors if the rotor is smooth and hasn't gone metal to metal?
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Is it necessary to cut brake rotors when changing pads. The rotors are cross-drilled and slotted?

If rotors are smooth and shiny, they are good. If still not certain, ask at brake shop.

Does the specs on the rear rotor of the 2003 pt cruiser have factory groves for the pads?

The rotors should be smooth, no grooves where the pads touch.The rotors should be smooth, no grooves where the pads touch.

What causes a grinding noise after you got new brake pads and rotors?

This is often caused by installing new pads on worn or slightly worn rotors. Buying new rotors or turning the same rotors would make a smooth surface for the new pads to rub against. Any surface that is less than smooth will cause some grinding for a few days or maybe longer. It also shortens the life of your new pads.

Why are your disk brakes still grind after they were changedit's a 2002 Dodge ram 1500?

if there is uneven wear on the rotors, the new pads will take time to wear into the grooves on the rotors. rotors in poor condition will reduce the efficiency of your brakes, and promote wear of the pads, you will end up changing them more often. Most brake shops can turn rotors back to being smooth and true.

What is the cs button for in your 2005 Mercedes E320?

The "C" is for comfort, this adjust the ride for a more comfortable and smooth acceleration and deceleration, smoother turning, etc.The "S" is for standard ride.

Could you inform me about Brembo rotors?

Brembo is a brand that makes car parts and equipment. There stock rotors as well. Their street rotors seem to have a good reputation and are reliable. Very smooth ride, quiet, withstand high stress and temperatures.

Specs after turning the rotors on 2001 maxima?

Brake rotor specs are specified by the manufacturer. It is measured with a micrometer and if too thin via specs, will overheat causing a serious brake fade and loss of braking ability. Other problems could be that the rotor overheats and either warps or breaks~neither good. Turning the rotors is a process of rough cut and smooth cut that is supposed to take minimal amounts of metal off to make it an even surface for your brake pads to brake against. Most manufacturers today produce rotors that are not really able to be turned. So new rotors made be the only answer if yours are bad.

What could cause a 2001 jeep cherckee to shimmy really heard when braking from 55 miles and hour?

possibly warped rotors.Feels for grooves on the rotors(when rotors are cool,your rotors should be smooth ) if you feel them you need to replace them,and dont forget to replace your pads too.Worn pads grind your rotors and ruin them.

Would not getting your rotors turned when putting new front brake pads on 99 infiniti qx4 cause it to act like its miss firing?

You don't need to compulsorily turn the rotors every time the pads are changed. Turning is required only if the rotor (or disc) is warped, badly scratched or heavily rusted. Smooth concentric circles are usually normal unless heavily ridged (and this requires turning). Remember though that turning the rotor many times will eventually require replacing it as there is a minimum safe thickness to which is can be turned. Any thinner will warrant replacement.

What is smooth in music?

When changing from chord to chord or to a different way to carry the beat in a song, if you do it subtley or without a lot of notice it can be determined smooth. The hook in a song can be done with a lot of percussion, or hardly noticeable; that would be smooth also. Jimmy Hedrix was a heavy rock musician, and yet he was very smooth in his playing turning chords over delicately to change the mood in a song. Another definition of "smooth" is Legato, which is Italian for smooth, flowing. This term is commonly used in sheet music for a piano.

On a 1996 Honda Accord do the rotors have to be turned on the car or can they be removed and taken to a machine shop?

Rotors are always turned off the vehicle. They are put on a lathe and a thin sheet of metal is removed to make the surface smooth again.

If you just put on new brake pads can you do the rotors later?

You can if they are fairly smooth and do not have very bad ridges or grooves on them. If they do not meet the minimum thickness spec, they should be replaced now. Rotors are cheap (read: made in China); just replace them.

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