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When did Barack Obama change his name?


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April 22, 2014 10:03PM

Please note that the second answer comes from a "Birther"-- someone who believes President Obama was not born in the US and is not eligible to be president. In the interest of accuracy, whether or not you like or voted for Barack Obama, there is NO evidence he was adopted by his step-father, and NO evidence Mr. Obama ever changed his name, legally or otherwise. There is considerable evidence that in high school, he used the nickname Barry, rather than Barack, but he was always Barack Obama, contrary to Birther claims.

Second answer (with my comments in brackets):

Obama was adopted by his stepfather, which changed his name to Barry Soetoro. This is the name reflected on his Indonesian school records, as well as; his high school yearbook. By Obama's own admission he changed his name back in 1982. [Note: Mr Obama never "admitted" this; also, his high school yearbook refers to him as Barry Obama. And no, he was never legally adopted.]

This has generated new claims of Obama's deceptive nature, for it appears that his selective service record reflects the name Barrack H Obama. Other than the misspelling of his own name, he claims to have registered in 1979 after high school graduation while living in Hawaii. However, registration was not available in 1979, and the misspelled registration shows Sept 1980. This is the time he maintains he was attending Occidental when he was actually a resident of Los Angeles. [These are common Birther conspiracy theories. Mr. Obama was in fact enrolled at Occidental, he has no false selective service record, and Time magazine featured Mr. Obama in a 1980 story, when he was in fact studying at Occidental.]

This presents a dilemma in regards to the fact that failure to register was, and still is a serious felony. However, falsifying such a registration by using anything but his lawful name compounds that crime in in multiple ways. [There was NO falsification. Just another frequently debunked conspiracy theory.]

Failure to register would have made him ineligible for his financial aid in college, which would be a third criminal felony of defrauding the federal government. [He defrauded no-one. He paid for college with loans and scholarships, and with help from his grand-parents. And it is a myth that he was registered as a foreign student.]

Unfortunately there are no records that would validate or invalidate when or even if he reverted back to his birth name, for he continues to block access to all records that would clarify the answer, even his kindergarten records or blocked by Obama's legal dream team. [Nothing has been "blocked" nor has anything been "sealed." NO president is under any obligation to make confidential documents like school transcripts or medical records available to the public, and many presidents have kept those documents private. Doing so does not mean the person has anything to hide. That said, there are MANY examples that prove conclusively that Mr. Obama never changed his name, never had a false name, is not foreign-born, and is in fact eligible to be president. These facts have been repeatedly verified, by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and yes, even Fox News. Sadly, some people do not want to accept this. But that does not make their conspiracy theories true.]