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The first use of Canadian soldiers in WW2 was during the failed Dieppe Raid on the coast of France on 19 August 1942. For 2 years, the Canadians had been training in Britian. Now, the Canadian newspapers and politicians were calling for their troops to be deployed into combat. At the last minute of the planning for Operation HUSKY, Churchill recommended that the Canadian troops be used in the invasion of Sicily. Eventually, the 1st Canadian Division was substituted for the 3rd British Division. The Chief of the Imperial General Staff immediately sent word of inclusion of Canadian troops in Operation HUSKY to the Allied commander in the Mediterranean Theater. The 1st Canadian Division and the 3rd British Division met on all levels to transfer plans on the operation. Their cooperation went so well, that the 3rd British Division and the 2nd Canadian Division were used together in the Normandy invasion. The 1st Canadian Division was the first Canadian unit to be sent to Italy for use in Sicily in July 1943, and was the first major deployment of Canadian troops in combat.

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Q: When did Canada become involved in World War 2?
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