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When did it last snow in Australia?


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December 19, 2010 5:23AM

It snows over small areas of Australia every winter and it is not uncommon for snow to fall during cold snaps outside of winter.

Winter time sees excellent snowfalls for skiing in the Snowy Mountains region of southeastern New South Wales and northeastern Victoria (in the Australian Alps). Central Tasmania also sees good snowfalls. These falls usually only start in June at the earliest - usually July - and continue through August, tapering off in the early months of Spring. Several of Australia's main snow resorts include the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW (Charlotte's Pass, Thredbo, Blue Cow) and Victoria (Mt Bogong, Fall's Creek, Mt Hotham, etc).

Snow also falls (rarely) in southwest Western Australia, the southeast of South Australia, the highlands of Tasmania, Victoria, NSW (e.g. Blue Mountains to Orange) and even southern Queensland on the border around Stanthorpe.It has even been known to snow towards the coast in Victoria, in Gippsland and near the Great Ocean Road.

Of Australia's major cities, Canberra is the most likely to receive snow, followed by Hobart, but these falls are usually very light.