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It did not. In 1939 the Soviet Union had a non-agression pact with Germany which led to the invasion of Poland; a British ally. Not surprisingly, the Soviet Union was seen as a possible enemy, but there was no fighting between Britain and the Soviet Union. When Germany violated the pact and invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, Britain and the Soviet Union found themselves fighting on the same side against Germany, although they were far from the best of friends. After World War 2 they were adversaries again in the Cold War, but still they did not fight, at least not openly.

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1939 when Germany and the USSR invaded Poland from opposite sides and divided it between them.

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Towards the last 2 years of World War 2, when Germany turned on the USSR.

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Q: When did the Soviet Union begin bombing Germany in World War 2?
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No. The Soviet Union did enter World War 2 but on the other side. Germany invaded and then forced the Soviet Union into the war

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Eastern Germany became a part of the Soviet Union after World War 2.

What systems of government did the Soviet Union Germany Italy and Japan had in World War 2?

Germany and Italy were socialist governments. The Soviet Union was communist and Japan was Imperialistic.

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What were the three major allies of Germany during World War 2?

the three major allies for germany was japan, italy and soviet union.... but soviet union went to the allied powers after hitler betrayed stalin (soviet union)

What countries participated in the division of Germany after World War 2?

the soviet union gotta love freakin study island!

Are Germany and the Soviet Union the same?

Different countries in the same part of the world.

Who did Germany face in the 1966 World Cup semifinals?

They faced the Soviet Union.

Countries participated in the division of Germany after World War 2?

the Soviet Union

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When Soviet Union sacked Berlin.

Why did the soviet union join the II world war?

Because they were invaded by Germany.

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