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When did the US attack Iraq?

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When Saddam invaded Kuwait, much of the international community determined that it was a destabilizing action and that his aggression, coupled with his attacks of other neighbors warranted military action to force him to stop his campaign to eventually take over the entire region. After he was pushed back, the U.N. decreed that he was not to be able to sell oil except to provide humanitarian aid to his citizens. Not only did the U.N. fail to enforce that declaration, some members of the U.N. actually made secret deals with Saddam, allowing him to continue to amass a fortune and continue weapons research. Saddam's actions resulted in the condemnation of the world community. Almost all voting members of the U.N. were in favor of military action against Saddam, except for those who were complicit in the secret deals, such as France, Germany and Russia. It should have been no surprise that the nations who were profiting from the secret deals would vote against military action to stop Saddam, yet many people cling to their naive beliefs that the U.S. was wrong to stop one of the men who were funding much of the terror campaigns against Israel and the West.

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What year did US attack Iraq?

they invaded Iraq in 2003.

Why did Iraq attack US?

Because we started the war.

How did the US attack Iraq?

we just sarted to bomb the mess out of them

Why did the US attack Iraq in the gulf war?

we did not attack iraq in the gulf war it was the russians who did that's why we got attacked because the iraqies thought we attacked them.

Wait terrorism to prevent another 911 attack. I thought it was bin laden in afhganastan that attacked not Iraq?

Bin Laden did attack us not Iraq

What year did the us attack Iraq?

The Gulf War occurred August 2, 1990.The Invasion of Iraq, or Iraq War occurred March 20, 2003.

What countries fought in the gulf war?

Iran & Iraq were the primary combatants; although the US did shoot down one Iranian airliner and Iraq did attack a US warship killing about 30 US Sailors.

Why is the US Attacking Iraq?

Iraq was attacked in 2003, during the initial phase of Operation Iraq Freedom, to remove Saddam from power. Since his removal, Iraq is no longer under attack from the US. The US is attempting to RESTORE law, order, and stability to the region. The US is at war with no "nation." Only criminals (Global War on Terrorism).

When did the US first attack Iraq?

If you're talking about this time around, we went in March 2003.

Was Mexico in Iraq?

No. Mexico never joined the coalition to attack Iraq.

Why did the Iraq war take place?

The war in Iraq is said to have started because of the terrorist attack on 9/11. There have been many that believe that the attack on the World Trade Center buildings was a US government ploy in order to start a war with Iraq because of the amount of oil in their country.

Which Iraq country attack Arab in 1990?

The question as worded is nonsensical. There is only "one Iraq country", Iraq and it attacked Arabs in 1990. If you are asking "Which Arab country did Iraq attack in 1990?" the answer is Kuwait.

Arguments for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 include all of the following except?

intelligence reports indicated that Iraq was planning a major terrorist attack in the United States

When did iraq attack Kuwait?

In 1990

When did Iraq attack Iran?


What country did Iraq attack?


Why you went to war with Iraq?

Well mostly people say we went to war with Iraq because we think that they attack us which is the world trade center and the pentagon. But now we are realizing that this is all a lie and the government must be part of this attack. So we went to war with Iraq because we wanted their oil to make money.

Which president did not have involvement in an attack on Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein in the 1990s and 2000s?

Clinton and Obama were the US Presidents in the 1990s and 2000s who did not invade Iraq and/or fight against Saddam Hussein.

Was 911 the reason us attacked Iraq?

No. The US attacked Iraq because they suspected they were stockpiling weapons of Mass Destruction. The US immediately started CIA operations in Afghanistan to locate and elminate Osama Bin Laden and the Talaban after the 9-11 attack.

Why did a US led military coalition attack Iraq in 1991?

To protect petroleum supplies and to liberate the occupied country of Kuwait.

Who are the members of Iraq war?

Iraq and US. but currently Obama has set a deadline with Iraq for US to move out of Iraq by dec. 2011

Why did Iraq attack Kuwait?

Its because Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing petroleum through drilling.

What are the release dates for Attack of the Show - 2005 The War in Iraq?

Attack of the Show - 2005 The War in Iraq was released on: USA: 9 August 2006

Did Iraq win the Gulf War?

Iraqis should have launched a sudden attack US bases. But Iraq did not. Iraq should have used more snipers and RPGs.But they insisted on tank force that was easily destroyed in air attack. At least they should have built strong defensive point in Kuwait city like Stalingrad. All of these would not be needed if Saddam kept Kuwaity oil under US control.

What country did the US attack after September 11?

Afghanistan and then later Iraq under the reasoning that it was part of the United States war on terror.