When did the US attack Iraq?

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When Saddam invaded Kuwait, much of the international community determined that it was a destabilizing action and that his aggression, coupled with his attacks of other neighbors warranted military action to force him to stop his campaign to eventually take over the entire region. After he was pushed back, the U.N. decreed that he was not to be able to sell oil except to provide humanitarian aid to his citizens. Not only did the U.N. fail to enforce that declaration, some members of the U.N. actually made secret deals with Saddam, allowing him to continue to amass a fortune and continue weapons research. Saddam's actions resulted in the condemnation of the world community. Almost all voting members of the U.N. were in favor of military action against Saddam, except for those who were complicit in the secret deals, such as France, Germany and Russia. It should have been no surprise that the nations who were profiting from the secret deals would vote against military action to stop Saddam, yet many people cling to their naive beliefs that the U.S. was wrong to stop one of the men who were funding much of the terror campaigns against Israel and the West.

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Q: When did the US attack Iraq?
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