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When grooming a dog should the whiskers be clipped?



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This is a debatable Topic

Some Say No

Never. they are one of the dogs senses like a cat they use them to feel.

I totally agree with the above poster. Dogs and cats need their whiskers to gauge a hole they may poke their head into. If the whiskers don't fit, they won't put their head in.

Dogs dogs use their whiskers to feel out nearby objects that are too close for them to focus on. I think if you asked a dog whether they prefer to look more tidy or hold on to one of their senses, they would probably choose the latter.

Some say Yes

Both posters above are incorrect! You can cut a dog whiskers but you CAN NOT cut a cats whiskers. Has anyone ever seen a show poodle? Their faces are clean shaven. As a groomer of 15+ years there is NO way you can weave in and out of whiskers while cutting the hair on the face. Dogs do not need their tails either as cats DO! This is a myth. Google it you will see. Cats and dogs are 2 totally different species. So yes cut them off if you wish you will cause NO HARM!

No, they don't need to be clipped.

The poster above me is correct. It is up to the dog owners preference. Clipping a dogs whiskers does not hurt them in any way. They can still function the same without having whiskers and they do grow back. Some dogs styles such as a clean shaven face on a poodle require going over the dogs whiskers with the clippers.

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