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When grooming a dog should the whiskers be clipped?

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This is a debatable TopicSome Say No

Never. they are one of the dogs senses like a cat they use them to feel.

I totally agree with the above poster. Dogs and cats need their whiskers to gauge a hole they may poke their head into. If the whiskers don't fit, they won't put their head in.

Dogs dogs use their whiskers to feel out nearby objects that are too close for them to focus on. I think if you asked a dog whether they prefer to look more tidy or hold on to one of their senses, they would probably choose the latter.

Some say Yes

Both posters above are incorrect! You can cut a dog whiskers but you CAN NOT cut a cats whiskers. Has anyone ever seen a show poodle? Their faces are clean shaven. As a groomer of 15+ years there is NO way you can weave in and out of whiskers while cutting the hair on the face. Dogs do not need their tails either as cats DO! This is a myth. Google it you will see. Cats and dogs are 2 totally different species. So yes cut them off if you wish you will cause NO HARM!

No, they don't need to be clipped.

The poster above me is correct. It is up to the dog owners preference. Clipping a dogs whiskers does not hurt them in any way. They can still function the same without having whiskers and they do grow back. Some dogs styles such as a clean shaven face on a poodle require going over the dogs whiskers with the clippers.

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In dog grooming is the under belly of a pregnant dog clipped?

It depends on the dog and the coat; for a pregnant animal, I would groom thoroughly but in no way that would harm or stress the animal or the puppies.

Purpose of dog whiskers?

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Information on dog grooming courses.?

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How do you get the whiskers from the dogs?

If you mean, "how do I get whiskers from my dog?", you should chop them off and stick them to your face. Or someone else's whilst they are sleeping.

Does one need a dog grooming table in their home?

"No, one does not need a dog grooming table in their home. You might need one if you have a dog that needs constant grooming or if you wanted to start a dog grooming service."

What should dog kennels include?

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What dog breeds have whiskers?

AnswerTo my knowledge, all dog breeds have whiskers. Some of them are trimmed off for the show ring.

How many whiskers does a dog have?

Depending on the size and breed of the dog, they can have up to 20 whiskers on each side of their snout.

What if a dog has no whiskers?

Its impossible for a dog to not have whiskers unless someone cut them off like they dont have common sense

Why does a dog smell like a dead dog?

Well if your dog smells like a dead dog then you should take him/her to the vet! And its your fault for not grooming it correctly!

Do dog whiskers grow?

Yes, whiskers grow just like hair.

What are dog breeds with long whiskers?

To my knowledge, all dog breeds have whiskers. Some of them are trimmed off for the show ring.

Does petsmart offer dog grooming training?

I think does not give dog grooming training. They only sell dog grooming supplies. Try online dog store, they give out free training manuals when you subscribe to them.

Can dramamine be used to calm a dog for grooming?

Only if you're willing to risk killing your dog for the sake of grooming it.

Can a dog grow whiskers overnight?


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Go boxer dogs require a lot of grooming?

Boxer dogs do not require a lot of grooming. You should brush them weekly and give the dog a bath when it is needed.

What career strand is dog grooming?

grooming ------- i call it services lol -BarbiPiXi

How many whiskers can dogs have?

about 8 because i was in a dog center in las vegas and a lot of the dogs whiskers were about 8 whiskers or 10 it depends

Why does my dog chew off my cat's whiskers?

The dog hates the cat

Are there pet grooming schools in the Boston area?

The Boston, MA area has several dog grooming schools. Barks and Whistles is an example of one such professional dog grooming school in the Boston.

Why does dog grooming exist in the world?

the dog grooming job exists in the world because then there will be no dog shows or anything like it for example, would you like to see a dirty un groomed dog at a dog show? Dog grooming exists for many different reasons. Grooming improves the health and overall wellbeing of the dog just like grooming any other creature, including ourselves. Grooming not only helps prevent skin and coat issues, many dogs are groomed to improve their appearance and comfort. Dogs may get groomed to better fit the jobs that they perform or just for show.

An example of a Sentence using the word grooming?

Mary took her dog to a grooming parlour.

Is it bad to cut dog whiskers?

Dog's whiskers are an early warning system on where it can, and cannot put it's head. Whiskers do grow back though, and they aren't used very often, however you should still try to leave them alone if possible.

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