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Check your battery if its fully charged, if it is then you have a wiring problem (shorted wiring)

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How can in get the key to turn in the ignition of a 2009 Chevy Cobalt?

I have 2008 and had same problem the ignition had to be replaced was really fast less than an hour they did it.

How do you check an ignition coil from a 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine?

The ignition coil is really easy to check. To check the ignition coil spin the engine over at around 250 RPM and watch for a spark in the tester window.

Can a 3800 motor be replaced with a 3400 motor?

This swap is not recommended, and does not have any benefit. The 3800 engine is superior to the 3400 engine in every way. Replacement would be complicated and costly, you're better off to buy a vehicle that already has a 3400 in it, if that's really what you want.

My temp gaugebmw 318 e46 rises for no reason can anyone help already replaced the thermo sensor?

Does that mean that you replaced the thermostat AND the sensor? If not, you really need to replace the thermostat. A sticking thermostat can cause temperature swings and potentially overheat the engine. BTW, BMW engines tend to have serious problems when they overheat. Don't let it overheat or you might be buying a new engine.

Why would a vehicle shake when in park?

Is the engine running?! If so, you've got a rough idle. Could be bad ignition timing, or the ignition (suppression) wires are worn out. Or perhaps you've got a vacuum leak. If the car really shakes when you rev the engine, you mighta busted an engine mount.

When replacing timing chain on 2004 2.2 Chevy does?

Your question really makes no sense. Normally a timing chain will last the life of the engine as replaced when the engine is rebuilt.

Can a PCV valve really make a vehicle bog?

yes because if it needs to be replaced it will either make the engine get to much air or not enough

What is the best engine you can put in a Toyota Supra MK4?

ls9? it already comes with a 2jz gte/ge and that's a really good engine that can make 1000+ hp.or you could put a viper engine

Why does it heat up once in a while you already replaced the thermostat?

Could be several reasons but we really need to know the year, make and model of your vehicle to help you.

You replaced your battery on your 1998 Nissan Maxima and now the car is in locked mode what can you do?

I may be having the same problem. I replaced the battery. The interior lights, siren, horn, radio all work, but the car will not turn-over when the ignition is turned. I am really interested in how to unlock the vehicle.

Where are the ignition coils located on the 2000 venture van?

In the center back of the engine top, he has three coils, one of each is for two cilinders, they are mounting on ignition module, they looks like unique assembly, but really you could replace separately if you prefer.

What is the ignition temperature of aluminum?

really hot

Can transmission fluid get into the oil tank of a diesel engine?

Yes, this really can happen. The transmission modulator ruptures and vacuum system system draws out trans fluid into engine oil thru vacuum pump into engine crankcase. Been there, done that. I replaced the modulator valve and dropped engine oil.

What is the rattling noise in your 2002 Honda crv engine?

Not really enough information given - however - if they are badly out of adjustment you might be referring to the sound of the valves tapping - OR - you are hearing the noise of pre-ignition - perhaps the timing of the engine is off badly.

How do you get wrong key out of ignition?

Pull really hard!

How can you tell when the timing belt was replaced?

Unless it is listed somewhere, you really can't. Of course if it looks old it probably is, but even if it looks good, that is no guarantee that it is good. If this engine is an interference engine, then replace the belt if you are in doubt. Serious engine damage can occur if the belt breaks.

Is the ACC ignition of a car live or neutral?

The ignition is live or hot and has power available. The term neutral does not really apply.

Ignition timing for 1600 beetle?

I really depends on what distributor you have on the engine. It could be a mechanical advance distributor or a vacuum advance distributor (stock). Google "the Somba" Volkswagen forum and all will be explained.

How do you tell between a blow head gasket and a crack head?

You can't without disassembling the engine. They will exhibit the same symptoms. And besides it really does not matter. Either way the heads must be removed and inspected and the gasket must be replaced. So it really does not matter which you have as the repair is the same other than if the head is cracked it must be replaced.

Can a manual transmission be replaced by an automatic transmission?

Yes. Will it be cheap? Probably not, unless your car is really old. Transmission and engine work are probably the most expensive modifications you can make to a car.

Why does the 1988 Chevy s10 blazer 2.8 idle really good but when driving it start sputtering real bad and the fuel pump has already been replaced?

Assuming the fuel filter has also been replaced, a bad distributor cap and or wires and spark plugs could do that also.

What document was replaced by the constitution?

i really dont knw

Can a 97 5.7 be replaced with a 95 5.7?

no not really

Why would the radiator fan continue to run after the engine stops after the thermostat was replaced on a 2002 Nissan Altima?

Ingeneral, the fan will run only if the temperature of the radiator is above the normal range. If the fan is running, then the radiator must be over temp unless the radiator fan thermostat or it's relay is defective. If the radiator truly is over temp then you have a larger over-heating problem You state the thermostat was replaced. if you replaced the fan thermostat then either the radiator really is over temp and it is doing what it should, or there is a problem with the thermostat-fan relay or switch. If you replaced the engine thermostat that controls the flow of coolent between the engine and the radiator, then that probably wasn't your problem and you should look elsewhere for an overheating cause. I would start by determining if the engine actually is overheating or not. If it is, I would look for coolent system problems like the engine thermostat (if you didn't replace it already), water pump, leaks, scale build up in the radiator, or blockages in the system. If the engine isn't overheating then I would consentrate on the fan, fan thermostat and relays.

How strong is a jet engine?

Depends on the engine, really.