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In many cases you can either push the "Alarm" switch on your remote car door opener (If it has one) or use the door key to lock/unlock the drivers door. This will usually "reset" the alarm. TommyTrouble

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โˆ™ 2006-04-12 15:32:39
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Q: When installing a new battery how do you get the alarm to go off after you get it hooked up?
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After installing a new battery in 1994 BMW how do you turn off the alarm?

take the battery back out

Your alarm will not turn off after installing a new battery you own a 1996 318is coupe?

What is the answer?

How to disarm your car alarm after installing a new car battery?

Insert the ignition key into the ignition and turn it to on, the alarm should shut off.

How do you reset a rhino car alarm on your Toyota Hilux after installing a new car battery?

Give rhino a call on 0245774708

Why does the smoke alarm keep chirping after installing a new battery?

Two thoughts: you may have put the battery in wrong (if it's not all the way in, they chirp) or you may have put in a dead battery.

Installed new battery 1999 camaro now alarm is armed and you do not have a romote just an ignition key How to turn the alarm off?

One way to disarm many cars alarm is to use your key in the drivers door. (lock and then unlock using the key...with battery hooked up) hope it helps you, Adrien

Do you need a new battery after installing a new alternator?

Only if the old battery is defective

You have no lights but you have a new battery and a new alternator what could be wrong?

Recheck your battery to see if hooked up right.

Why is smoke alarm clicking?

new battery

Why wont the Battery light come on after installing a new battery?

check battery cables are connected correctly, and there not crimped under the battery.

Why do the flashers flash when the battery is hooked up?

This is because each time the battery is disconnected, the computer in the car loses power. When the new battery is hooked up, the computer system needs to be reset to stop the lights from blinking.

How do you put a car battery in your car?

Disconnect negative cable first from old battery and connect it last when installing new battery.

How do you reprogram a 2005 focus after installing a new battery?

the computer should reset itself after you reinstall a battery. :D

How many volts are in a 9 volt battery?

There's no set answer to that, it depends on the battery chemistry, how much the battery has been used since full, and what the battery is hooked up to. But basically, when new, every battery, when hooked up to a modest load, will have a tad more than the rated voltage - in this case 9 volts.

New battery installed in vw new beetle now it won't start and horn honks for 1 min. what do I do?

Your alarm needs to be reset. Look in the manual for instructions. The alarm was probably arms when you changed the battery an now the alarm computer is thinking that it is being triggered by the ignition.

Why does the battery meter stay in the yellow zone after installing a new alternator on a Pontiac Firebird?

If the car has a bad battery the battery will not charge just becaus you put a new alternator in try raplacing the old battery.

Why would a starter click when it is new and everything is hooked up correctly?

You may have a dead battery.

How do you reset the computer when installing a new battery on a Mazda 929?

Disconnect battery and pump brake 30times let sit for 30mins. reconnect battery and your away.

Alarm going off in Lexus rx300?

Car alarm in Lexus ES300 started going off at random when car was parked, not running. I changed the key fob battery (flat watch battery) with a new battery and it fixed the problem.

How do I disengage the random beep on my alarm security system without turning off the alarm?

If your alarm system beeps periodically, it may need a new battery. If you look inside the main control box you will find a 12 volt battery. If you switch this out with a new one your beeping problem should be solved.

How do you install a new battery in a Honda Shadow 600?

Installing a new battery in a Honda Shadow 600 is very easy to do. The battery is located in the seat area, behind the gas tank. Loosen the clamps that are holding the battery in place with a screwdriver. Then take the old battery out and put the new one in.

How do you Repair a big bird talking alarm Clock?

I have a Bradley Big Bird Talking Alarm clock and the clock works great. The alarm does not. I have read that the alarm works by the battery. I put a brand new battery in and turned the alarm hand to a desired hour but nothing happens. Any ideas? Regards Thad

When removing the battery leads from terminals you remove what first?

Remove the negative cable first and when installing the new battery connect the negative last.

Do you need to unhook the battery before installing the new radio in your lanos?

Yes, most definitely.

What would cause an alternator to go bad?

Installing an alternator on a dead or poor battery will cause them to fail prematurely. trickle charge your battery before installing a new alternator. check all connections for corrosion especially grounds.