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There is nothing I know of in the present world that gives any hint that Jesus is ever coming back. So I go to the Bible for information. In Mark's Gospel, Jesus three times prophesied the end of the world and his own return on clouds of glory, during the lifetimes of those then still living. This is a surprising piece of information, since those then living died nearly two thousand years ago and Jesus has yet to return. This leads to the conclusion that the biblical authors did not know whether Jesus was ever coming back, and certainly not when. So there is nothing in the world today nor in the Bible to show that Jesus is coming back.

There have been many other predictions of the imminent return of Jesus. Whenever there is a crisis somewhere in the world, this seems to be the trigger for a season of expectation about the Second Coming. A popular prediction was that Jesus would return in the year 1000 or, when that did not happen, 1000 years after the crucifixion.

Jehovah's Witnesses have been very active in this area and their belief in the imminence of the end of time as we know it prevents Witnesses from making advanced plans for the future. Watch Tower literature persistently claimed that the Armageddon will come within the generation of those who were alive in 1914, when Christ returned invisibly to establish Jehovah's Kingdom. When the organisation predicted Armageddon in 1975, some made a conscious decision not to have more children or to cancel voluntary pension premiums or life assurance policies.

The founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and others held out the promise that the return of Christ would be within the first generation of believers, but of course this did not come to pass.

There have been many other prophecies and predictions of the return of Jesus. A popular recent one was December 2012, although this is largely based on a misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar. As this day approaches, a new prediction seems to be the year 2060 - far enough into the future that it will not soon be found to be false, but close enough to attract the excitement of some gullible people.
First, when Jesus told Caiaphas and the court that condemned him to death that he was the Son of Man who would come "on the clouds of heaven" he was not speaking of his second coming but of the judgment of Jerusalem (Matthew 26:63-64). As Caiaphas and the court well knew, clouds were a common Old Testament symbol pointing to God as the sovereign judge of the nations. In the words of Isaiah, "See, the Lord rides on a swift cloud and his coming to Egypt. The idols of Egypt tremble before him, and the hearts of the Egyptians melt within them" (Isaiah 19:1). Jesus employs the symbolism of clouds to warn his hearers that as judgment fell on Egypt, so would it soon befall Jerusalem. The "coming on clouds" judgment metaphor was clearly intended for Caiaphas and the first century crowd who condemned Christ to death. The generation that crucified Christ would see the day that he was exalted and enthroned at "the right hand of the Mighty One."

Jesus' coming on the clouds to judge Jerusalem in the first century points forward to the end time when he will appear again "to judge the living and the dead" (2 Timothy 4:1). A day is coming when "all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out-those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned" (John 5:28-29).
Answer: at the end of days (revelations), there will be signs like earthquakes, famine (starvation), wars and rumors of wars, any of these sound familiar, personally i think the signs have started but the bible says not the angles in heaven OR THE SON (Jesus) but only the father knows when, so its unknown to anyone when it will happen all we have are the signs, now I'm not saying o its coming soon NO it may be another 100 years or more all I'm saying is i think the signs have started
Answer: In short, when we least expect it.
Answer: The Bible is very clear in Matthew 24:36 that no one knows the day or hour of the second coming of Jesus Christ. So whenever someone sets a date for the end of the world or the second coming, then you can know they are not speaking the truth.

Now in saying that, the Bible also teaches that we CAN know when the second coming is near from the signs of the end times (Mark 13:29). And the signs that are in the world today show that we are living in the end times and the second coming is not too far away.

You are told specifically when Christ will return "at the last or 7th Trumpet"
Its difficult to believe that even though it's written very plainly, many here tell you it can not be known. Did Christ tell you that you can not know when he returns? Kind of, but his comment was very focused concerning the exact moment (year, month, day, hour). However, he did give you signs to watch for; which would define the end times, the establishment of the kingdom of Satan playing fake Jesus (Antichrist) and the length of Satan's reign (5 mo - Rev 9), and an entire set of Seals Trumpets and Vials to observe in order to keep on track concerning those events and his return. A Watchman watches for events... signs.
So what is the answer to the question when is Jesus coming back? The summed up answer is simple. Christ will return at the 7th trumpet which occurs on the first day of the 7th month. which occurs at the end of the 5 month reign of Satan playing the fake Jesus (Antichrist) (Rev 13).
The more difficult task is getting your ducks in a row concerning the chronological order of events which occur prior to, and during the 5 mo reign of Satan as Antichrist. This would require a knowledge of scriptures, specifically the prophecies of Daniel 8, 11, and 7 (in that order) and the book of Revelation (Daniel 7 dovetails into Revelation), and all the words of the prophets which support the prophecies of Daniel and the warning signs of Christ and the detailed support provided by the Prophets about key and specific events which will occur. It takes quite a while to search these things out in scripture and understand their progression in time. For this reason, many simply cop out , by saying "you can't know when that time is", however what is written the word contradicts that claim.
Where to Start:
  • 2nd Peter chapter 3 (the key of David)
  • Acts 17 and Colossians 2 (understanding who the philosophia are and what their doctrine is)
  • Then Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21
  • Then Daniel 8, 11, and 7
  • Then the Book of Revelation
  • Then the major and minor prophets, Specifically Jeremiah 24 which set the timing for the beginning of the end times (1948).
This sequence will get you in alignment with the majority of events.
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