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When is the owner of a private property responsible for a hit and run?

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My immediate answer would be that they cannot. They committed no crime. If there was some way in which it could be shown that they caused the accident, and I'm not sure I can figure out a way that would happen without a lot of thinking, then they could be sued.

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Is it my fault if I hit a chain on private property that had no reflector on it?

Yes. you are responsible for damage to private property. the owner does not have to have a reflector on the chain. its his and he owns it. ok. what you can do is go to the owner accept responsibility for the damage you caused and offer to replace or pay for it.

Who is responsible if a car was hit on private property while backing out of the driveway?

doesn't matter if an accident was on private property. get a police report immediately. this will be used to determine fault, if any.

Are you liable for a car accident on private property?

It depends, so here are some scenerios: If there are several cars parked in a private driveway and you back-up or start speeding out of the driveway and hit another car then you are responsible for hitting the other car. If you were speeding on a road and turned a curve and ended up on someone's property you are responsible for the damage done on their property and that includes ripping up gardens, grass, crashing into any part of that home or uprooting trees. If you were on private property and someone else hit you causing you to damage that property then it would be the other person that is responsible.

If a car is illegally parked on a private property and is hit by the property owner's vehicle while backing out Is the owner still responsible for the damages?

probably not. if vehicle is illegally there,then they dont have your permission to be there. you are not responsible for the care of the vehicle nor for damage that occurrs. Usually, yes. As a general rule, a stationary object cannot be "at fault" in a motor vehicle collision.

Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?

"Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?" "Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?"

If I hit a car on private property who was parked illegally am I at fault?

Yes, private property does not obsolve you of your responsiblity.

Will you lose your license for a hit in run on private property in Ohio?

Well I think you would for one it's a hit and runa and for second it's on private property

If you hit a road sign how much trouble could you get into?

It's just like any other property-damage accident only the sign belongs to the state and is not private property. You must report the accident and exchange the same information you would if you hit a private vehicle or private property.

What happens if you are backing out and hit a pedestrian while on private property?

You are still at fault, no matter what.

What if you are on private property and you are pulling out of your parking spot and you don't realize the person next to you has there door open and some how you hit it?

If there door was already open then you are liable for the damage. It does not matter if it is on private property.

What happens when you hit a car on private property and no police were called and the insurance company was not contacted until almost a month after the accident?

it might be considered as a hit and run or destroying private properity.

If an uninsured driver backs into a parked car that was backed in making it less visible to the driver on private property and the driver nor it's passengers could see the car what happens?

You hit a parked vehicle. No matter how or where it was parked, you are responsible for the damages. If you hit the car, you could have seen the car if you had been looking. You have no insurance which is a violation of the law. Pay the owner of the car you hit and accept responsibility for your poor driving, and stop trying to blame this on how the vehicle you hit was parked. It is your fault plain and simple.

Hit and run on private property?

I backed up into a car on private proprty, i know the people i hit, it is my girlfriends grandparents, i panced and just left, i was told police cant do anything since it was on private proporty. is this true for the state of Missouri?

If a vehicle parked along a curb on private property is hit by another driver who is at fault?

The driver that hit the parked vehicle would be at fault.

What are your rights after barely backing into a motor home on private property parked in a reg space with very minor damage?

None, private or not, fact is you hit the home and are responsible for any damages incurred to the motorhome, you were negligent in the operation of your motor vehicle. What would you "honestly say if it were your Motor home? Hmm~

Who's at fault when a car is pulling out of a driveway and you hit them?

any vehicle leaving private property and entering a public road ,is at fault. all vehicles leaving private property MUST yield to vehicles on a public road

Does landlord insurance cover car damages on property?

No, that's what car insurance is for. If someone hit your car, that person is the one liable for your damages, not the property owner where it was parked.

Can a person sue if they were hit by an automobile on private property?

Yes, if it was due to negligence on the part of the person driving the vehicle.

Will you receive points on your insurance If you hit a parked car on private property?

If you or the other driver makes a claim yes.

If a stolen car hit a parked car can the stolen cars owner not be held responsible even if a police report for the stolen car was placed after the hit and run was filled?

Assuming the stolen car was insured, the stolen cars insurance would be responsible. If the stolen car was not insured, the driver, if located would be responsible. If not located then the owner would probably be held responsible. Hopefully the struck vehicle is insured for "uninsured motorist" coverage. Filing the report after the accident would document the theft, but not neccesarily clear the owner of responsibility.

Can you sue another party if they were drinking and had an accident on your private property and they hit your parked car and tore down your fence?


Will full coverage insurance cover your car if hit by another car on private property?

It should unless there was some illegal activity that had occurred and you had the proper coverages. There is no difference in a private property accident or a public street accident when it comes to paying claims.

I hit someones dog the owner claims to have left the gate open Who is responsible for the damage done to my car?

Most cities have leash laws where dogs aren't allowed to run around. If your city has leash laws and the dog runs in the road and gets hit by a car the owner of the dog is responsible for the vet bill and for the damage done to the car.

Who is responsible for damages to an automobile if a minor was asked to back a car up by the owner and accidentally hit another car at a friend's house causing 1500 dollars of damage?

The owner of the car that hit the other vehicle is responsible. If you allow a minor (even for a few minutes) to drive your car then you are responsible for any accidents that minor may have. The minor can also be charged for driving without a valid driver's license.

You hit a well head on private property and have no auto insurance?

You form your statement into a more direct question so that someone might answer it.