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I've been married for 35 years and happily married, although I know what you mean. If anyone says their marriage is perfect they're lying! Yes, you are getting a raw deal if you aren't the jealous type. Believe it or not men go through a type of menopause called 'Andropause' and it sounds like he could well be in it and doesn't know what he wants out of life. You have two options:

  • Try saving your marriage and sitting down with your husband and express to him that you aren't putting up with his antics and you want to know right then and there if he's willing to change his ways and if not you'll meet him at the lawyers office re a divorce!
  • You can sit and reflect on your marriage (try remembering good times) and see if he's even worth communicating with. Either way you need to make a decision and you and you alone are the only one that can do it.
You can start getting involved in things outside of your home and go out with girlfriends in the evening to have a good time and leave him guessing. Refuse to go out with him for a bit because after all 'you're the jealous type!' Don't be so available to him and don't let him get away with his immature actions. He's calling you jealous because he flirting with other women and it's his way of making it feel right to himself. Cut the guy off at the knees! Good luck
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Q: When marriage becomes a raw deal for the wife after 23 years and the husband is telling other women that the wife is extremely jealous should they still be married after 27 years?
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