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When running virus scan always says there are none detected is that possible?

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That is very possible. If your anti-virus is doing it's job there should be no viruses found

2006-08-26 02:25:47
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What virus was detected at the Bronx Zoo?

The West Nile Virus was detected at the Bronx Zoo.

How do you delete the detected virus after the scan?

Anti-virus software program itself deletes the infected files after running the scan and detecting fault error files.

Is it possible to have more than one virus programs running on your computer?

Yes, it is.

How do you get rid of a virus detected by AVG named Trojan jorse clicker 3 au?

If AVG detected a virus it will be storing it in the virus vault. Go into virus vault and opt to delete the virus. Virus vault can be accesed from the main menu.

What date was the I love you virus detected?

The I LOVEYOU virus was detected on May 5, 2000 when it infected millions of Windows users in the Philippines.

How can you tell if you have a virus?

You can normally tell if you have a virus because your computer may be running slower then usually. However, your computer may also be running slower then usually if your system is updating or running a anti virus scan. Another reason you may think you have a virus is because programs may "Not Be Responding" if this is happening then you may have a virus. Viruses however generally go without being detected and can run in the background without you even knowing. This is why you should do regular virus scans. Hope this has helped.

How a virus can be detected?

You can use the antivirus scanner to detect and remove virus effectively.

How do you tell if your computer has a virus?

If your computer is running slower than usual than it might have a virus. Always make sure you have a virus scanner installed and scan your computer regularly.

What kind of virus is detected by a stool sample?


H1N1 virus was first detected in which country?


When was i love you virus detected?

5 may 2000

When was the first Trojan horse virus detected?

it was discorved in 1996

What day was the i love you virus detected?

May 5, 2000

What to do when a computer is attacked by virus?

Run your anti-virus software on full scandelete detected file

Can a virus Disable Registry Tools?

It is possible that a virus could do that. Remove the virus as soon as possible.

How can one remove a new virus from their laptop?

One can remove a virus from a new laptop by installing a quality and reputable anti virus software and running it. Always use trusted anti virus software to prevent further security problems.

Once the virus has been detected and put into the virus chest if you delete it is the virus gone?

If you mean the 'Quarantine' section of an anti-virus software by 'Virus Chest', then after removing it from there, it is permanantly gone....

What are your next steps if A message appears on your computer screen stating that our antivirus program detected an infected file on your computer and is unable to move it to quarantine?

If your antivirus software is unable to quarantine a detected virus, it is either because of A) An error was encountered while moving the virus to quarantine on the hard disk, or B) The virus is putting up a fight against your antivirus software. When this happens, delete the virus or send it to the developer of the antivirus software if possible for analysis.

Is it possible to get a virus on an iPod touch?

No, it is not possible to get a virus on your ipod touch

How do you know if a virus is harming your computer?

Viruses are designed to harm the computer. These no such thing as a virus that does not cause harm to computers. If your virus scanner detected a virus, the damage is already done.

Does mcleod gaming give you a virus?

No Viruses are detected from his games or his website.

What date was the virus i love you detected?

05/18/2000. was the date

What is quarantining in regard to computer protection?

Quarantining means, when a Anti-Virus has detected a virus trying to run itself, it usually quarantines it and then asks you if you wish to delete it, because you never know, it could be a false positive. Basically, when it quarantines it, it stops the virus program, and prevents it from running any longer, but it doesn't delete it from the system. When a virus is quarantined, it can do no harm.

How are viruses developed?

When creating a virus, you should think of the following: * What will it exploit? How will the virus enter a computer and not be detected? * How will the virus infect other programs? Is it a non-memory residential virus or a memory-residential virus? * How fast will it infect the host computer? In other words, will the virus spread extremely fast to destroy the computer as soon as possible or will it spread more slowly to make sure it is not detected by antiviruses? * How will the virus conceal itself? Will the virus infect antivirus programs to avoid detection, use polymorphism, or some other stealth function? Asking these questions allows you to have what virus in mind you want to make and lead the way to making the perfect specimen.

How can you detect a virus?

it's very difficult to do manually, but if you have antivirus software it should be either detected automatically or detected using a scan.