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Car salesman are notorious for playing with numbers, so your best bet is to wait until the very last minute to tell them that you?ll be trading in a vehicle. Otherwise, they might up the amount they?re giving you for the trade in, but they?ll pad it into the price of the car you?re purchasing. To get the best deal on your car, negotiate the price of the car you are purchasing before telling the dealer whether or not you?re trading in your car. Since it?s one of the first questions that a dealer is going to ask you, you?re going to want to say that you?re not sure whether or not you?re trading your car in yet. Then, after the price of the car you?re purchasing has been negotiated, let them know that you?ll be trading your vehicle in and that way you know that the price of the car has not been padded due to the price they?re giving you for your trade in. 10-14-2008; Although the above answer is commonly true, one should also consider that a Kelly Blue Book Trade Value is based on the individual trading against the retail price of what they are buying. If you decide to negotiate how it's written above, be prepared to be offered a low wholesale amount for your trade. And trust me when I tell you, 9 times out of 10, we already know you are looking to trade by the questions you ask throughout the negotiation. Yes, trade allowances can be padded, but math is math. Concentrate more on the bottom line and less on how you got there. Furthermore, consider that any dealer can beat another dealer's quote. If you are trading, a dealer that sells his car for a $1,000 less than the competition will also typically give you less for your trade to make up their loss. So with all that being said, if you really want a win-win deal. Decide ahead of time what you consider a good trade value, not an unrealistic trade value, and then look online and decide what a fair purchase value is based on research. Don't be afraid of the word profit, there is no Red Cross on top of the Dealership building. Allow a dealer to make a small profit and you will be a happy customer. Spend hours on end trying to figure a way to screw the dealer and you will never be happy, no matter what you paid!!

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Q: When should you tell the car salesman that you have a vehicle to trade in?
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