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check on and see if the front end has a recall problem. I own a 2001 LS and is currently experiencing the same problem. Does it sounds like loose bolts?

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โˆ™ 2006-06-05 20:15:17
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Q: When turning you hear a squeeky noise on the front end what is that?
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What would make a loud clunk noise in a passenger side front tire when turning left?

If you operate a front wheel drive vehicle, the clunking noise you hear may be a CV joint bearing going bad.

What is causing a squeaking noise at low speed on a front wheel at low speed knowing that the brakes are find and the noise occurs when turning the wheel by hand?

Its Your CV Joint Or Your Wheel Bearing ........... if it is your cv joint you will hear the knocking or clicking sound especially whilst turning corners.xxxx

Noise when turning right 1992 Honda prelude?

what kind of noise do u hear. clicking, poping, or skweek etc.

What are the symptoms of bad CV axle?

When turning left or right, you will hear a clicking noise.

What causes a ringing noise in your car when you break and turn?

The Most Common Problem When You Hear A Noise While Turning Is The CV Boot. Rubber Boot Will Tear And you Hear It On Every Turn.

When turning right knocking noise come from your constant velocity joint is it the right side or left side of the front of the car that the is coming from?

Turning right loads the left front wheel of the vehicle, so if you hear the knock when you turn right the bad CV joint is on the left, and vice versa.

What would cause a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel to the right in a ford transit?

most grinding noises that come from turning is usually a cv axle that needs to be replaced. Can also be a bad wheel bearing. If you hear the grinding when turning to the right then the left front wheel bearing is bad.

What causes a thumping noise in front tire?

Usually when you hear a noise the tire is defective. Inspect the tire for a bubble.Good luck mike

Why would you hear a popping noise while turning steering wheel?

Pops while moving but probably not when sitting still and just turning the wheel? One or both of the axles has a torn boot and the CV joint is going bad. Front wheel drive I assume.

What would cause 94 explorer front clunk?

It depends on when you hear the noise, but it likely a joint in the front wheel drive unit.

What is wrong when I hear a hissing noise when turning a Chev Cavalier?

Could be you are low on power steering fluid or your belt is slipping.

Why would you hear cranky noise while turning steering wheel?

It could be low fluid in the power steering pump.

When engine is cold you hear a whining noise when turning the steering wheel?

could be where your power steering fluid is cold and thick

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Why would you hear a humming noise in a 1996 ford explorer XL?

is the humming coming from the front end of the vehicle? i have a 1996 explorer with the same issue. yes the noise come from the front but not all the time seems to make the humming noise when it gets hot

How do you tell when to replace bearings?

You will hear them making a noise. Or you can just inspect them.You will hear them making a noise. Or you can just inspect them.

When Left front tire is hot you here knock or ping?

when the truck has been driven 20 to 30 miles you can hear a noise comming from left front

What is the noise in the front end of your 2000 Toyota Camry?

It depends on when you hear that noise. If it happens when you are driving on not a good road then you just need to tighten the strut nuts. It helped in my case.

Why do I hear a clicking noise when turning the key in the ignition then on the 3rd try the car does start?

The clicking noise you can hear is the starter solenoid clicking into place. If the starter motor does not turn the engine immediately, it is probably the best place to look. it sounds like the starter motor is faulty.

Grinding noise in front end of mercury in drive trian of mountaineer 1997?

Depends, If it makes noise only while turning or driving on a curve, then it is one of your hub bearings gone bad. I just replaced mine and it was somewhat of a pain but the noise went away. While driving, If you turn left and you hear the noise then it is the passenger side bearing gone bad and if you turn right and hear the noise it will be the driver side bearing . Hope this helps you..... Here is a link you can view to give you an idea of the part needed...

What can cause a noise when turning your steering wheel to the left?

An expert would have to hear the noise. Some possibilities are dry top bearing of the shocks, horn ring loose in steering wheel, tire rubbing on frame - -

How do you tell if you have bearing or a cv axle problem on a 2002 alero front wheel drive?

If you turn around a corner and you hear a grinding or clicking noise coming from the front wheels, you may have a CV axle problem. This grinding or clicking will be much worse when turning one direction than turning the other. If the noise is worse when turning left, the right CV axle is to blame, if the noise is worse when turning right, the problem is in the left CV axle. For a bad wheel bearing, you must raise the vehicle so the wheels are off the ground... Grab the tire firmly and try to wiggle it around. A bad wheel bearing will have a lot of play and will wiggle around, a good wheel bearing will be solid and will have very little or no play.

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Why would someone hear a loud screeching noise from the right front wheel on a 2002 grand am?

get your bearings cked and/or your break shoes