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When was State Street closed to automobile traffic and how long before it was reopened?


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State Street was open only to transit and emergency vehicles from October 1979 to December 1996.


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To YIELD , means - you must allow the other traffic to pass before you can go.

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At first it wasn't. It was every car for itself. Next, came officers in the street controlling traffic. You see this when there is an accident today. In some cities in Europe officers are still in the street controlling traffic.

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If it's a one way street, whether or not it has traffic lights, the answer is going to be no. At some point, whether before or after the U-turn, you're traveling in the wrong direction, hence, you're in violation of the law.

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Always check for traffic before entering the vehicle. Do not open the door in a oncoming vehicle is near. Get in quickly and close the door.

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The horse and buggy was replaced by the automobile. Trains already existed before the automobile.

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