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This varies from state to state, and whether or not the school is a state school or a private school.

  • Legislation to ban corporal punishment in all state schools was introduced in New South Wales in 1990, and this extended to private schools in 1997.
  • It was banned in the ACT in 1997, and although the legislation states it is banned in "all schools", it does not explicitly include private schools.
  • Tasmania banned corporal punishment in both public and private schools in 1999.
  • Victoria first banned corporal punishment in public schools in 1989, and this extended to non-government schools in 2006.
  • Queensland banned corporal punishment in state schools in 1995, but it is still legal in private schools.
  • Corporal punishment in government schools in South Australia ended in 1991, but there are still moves to ban it in non-government schools. Interestingly, the legislation covering corporal punishment in both SA and Qld state schools is not actually legally binding, according to a paper published in May 2010.
  • Western Australia abolished corporal punishment in state schools in 1999, but this does not extend to students in private schools.
  • Corporal punishment is not explicitly banned in the Northern Territory, but there are moves in this direction.
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Q: When was corporal punishment abolished in Australia?
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