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The 1950's in East Germany, witnessed a massive numbers of East Germans leaving their country and relocating to West Berlin and West Germany. The great majority were young and highly educated or possessed technical skills that needed to rebuild the East German economy after the war. This "brain drain", created a huge problem for the leadership. Something had to be done and done quickly, if East Germany was to survive. Both the East Germans and the Soviet Union agreed to building the wall in Aug 1961.

~Building started June 15, 1961.

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Q: When was the Berlin Wall created?
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What was created to block travel from east Berlin to west Berlin?

The Berlin Wall

Who created the Berlin Wall?

german government

Why is the Berlin wall called the Berlin wall?

because the wall was in the city Berlin

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The Berlin wall is the middle of Berlin as divider.

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Berlin Wall

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The Berlin Wall was built in Berlin.

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No, the Berlin Wall is no longer there but fragments of the wall can still be seen. The Berlin Wall was demolished in 1989.

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No. Joseph Stalin has nothing to do with the Berlin Wall. In fact, it was created several years (eight to be specific) after his death.

Which country used to have a dividing wall called in Berlin wall?

The Berlin Wall divided East Berlin from West Berlin in Germany.

What cities were on either side of the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall surrounded West Berlin. Therefore... Inside the Berlin Wall: West Berlin Outside the Berlin Wall: The two closest cities were Potsdam to the west, and East Berlin to the east.

What about the Berlin wall?

The Berlin Wall was built in Germany in August of 1961. The Berlin Wall was built to separate East Germany and East Berlin from West Berlin. The Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1990 which allowed for unification of West and East Berlin.

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The Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1989. The Berlin Wall was used as a barrier between West Berlin and East Berlin and East Germany.

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there was none the Berlin wall sucked.

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berlin wall

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Berlin Wall ended in 1989.

What is a sentence for the word Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall was ripped down in the 1980's.Technically, the Berlin Wall was illegal.

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The Berlin wall didn't split Berlin, it surrounded the western sectors of the city

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They called the Berlin Wall "The Wall of Shame."

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You answered your own question in your question. Berlin was divided by the "Berlin" wall. That is why it is called the Berlin Wall.

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