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It was manufactured in 1975-1977

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the Kenmore 1249 sewing machine was make in 1979-1980 tj-girl

I own a Kenmore 158.903, and it was manufactured in Japan in 1961. I love this sewing machine. It is a true workhorse. It comes with 30 cams.

1957, manufactured by Mazuren for Sears/Kenmore.

I bought my Kenmore sewing machine 158.194 in 1976, so before that time I would imagine.

Kenmore manufactured several versions of the 158.1430 between 1974 and 1976.

We purchased our Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 95 on 28 September 1967. My wife is still using it.

It is my understanding that this machine, the 158.904 was manufactured in 1987 in Canada

The Sears Kenmore 1755 Model # 158.17550 (Zig-Zag) Sewing Machine was produced in 1970 & 1971.

That sewing machine was made in Taiwan in 1967. I have one and it's a gem.

The Kenmore Model 1341 was my first sewing machine. I purchased it brand-new in 1980 at our local Sears store, so it was probably manufactured around 1979-80.

I still own and operate my Kenmore Sewing Machine, Model Number 1931 (158.19310). It was my Christmas gift the first year I was married in 1976!

kenmore sewing machine model# 3851264280 what is it worth

I got this sewing machine from my sweetheart for my birthday either in 1973, 74, or 75. It was a most wonderful gift. It was my first sewing machine. I still have it. It was a terrific mechanical sewing machine.

According to information I have discovered, the Sears Kenmore 158.15030 sewing machine was manufactured 1969-1971.

The Kenmore sewing machine 148.19371 was produced from 1976 to 1977.

My machine 1803L has paperwork for a Sears sewing class dated May 1974. It must have been manufactured just proir to that. Sewing Grandpa

when was the kenmore sewing machine model 158.904 made

The year according to Sears Archives is 1948.