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When was the battle of gallipoli?

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July 25, 2007 9:12PM

A Great War Battle concieved by Winston Churchill as the First Lord of
the Admiralty to attack the "soft underbelly" of Europe. Turkey was allied
with Germany and the strategic concept was to cut off this alliance by
knocking Turkey out of the war and opening a route to a Russian warm
weather ports through the Black Sea. ANZAC, British and Commenwealth
troops failed to clear the Straigths of the Bosphorus take Constanople and enter the Black Sea.
This campaign was a mess. The number and types of errors can't yet be
calculated. Allied casualties were atrocious. New beaches were tried,
and troops died. The Askar's prevailed and the Allies withdrew. 200.000
casualties were sustained by the invasion force including 15,702 ANZAC
KIA's and 43,000 other British Commonwealth, plus over 200,000 WIA.
It was a two year conflict beginning in February of 1915.