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In 1933 Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, made a batch of cookies to which she added broken chips of a semisweet Nestle chocolate bar. They were such a huge success that she struck a deal with the candy company to print her recipe on the chocolate wrappers in exchange for a lifetime supply of the bars. Originally sold with a small tool for chipping the bars into small morsels, Nestle unveiled the first chopped chocolate pieces in 1939, known today as Chocolate Chips. Nestle's cookie Toll House cookie brand wass named after the Whitman inn.

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When was chocolate chip cookies invented?

The chocolate chip cookie was invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938.

When was the chocolate chip cookie invented?

The first chocolate chip cookies were invented in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield.

When was the firs chocolate cookie invented?

In 1937 Ruth Wakefield invented Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Was it possible for christopher Columbus to eat chocolate chip coookies?

No. The chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1938.

Where are chocolate chip biscuits from?

Chocolate chip cookies as they are called in the USA, were invented by Ruth Wakefield of Massachusetts in 1933.

How long have chocolate chip cookies been around?

Chocolate chip cookies were invented in 1930 by Ruth Wakefield.

What year were chocolate chip cookies invented?


Who invented the chocolate chip?

i think Milton hersey

Why were chocolate chip cookies invented?

Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies in 1924. Rumour has it she ran out of currants to put in the cookies and used chocolate instead. She tried to make chocolate cookies, but instead they came out in "CHIP" form. The chocolate chip cookies were named "toll house cookies" after an inn that she and her husband ran in the 1930's.

When did ruth wakefield invent chocolate chip cookies?

Ruth Wakefield first invented the chocolate chip cookie in the year of 1938.

When did Ruth wakefeild invent chocolate chip cookies?

in 1930 Ruth wakefeild invented chocolate chip cookiz.........YUM! lol

Who invented the first chocolate chip cookie?

Ruth Wakefield invented the first chocolate chip cookie. One evening she wanted to make something new for her guest so she cut up peaces of a chocolate bar and added them to a cookie and that's when the first chocolate chip cookie was made.

What country was the chocolate chip cookie invented?

America.......i think :)

What did ruth wakefield do?

She invented the chocolate chip cookies

Who is the first person who invented the chocolate chip cookie?

Ruth Wakefield invented the chocolate chip cookie when she put chunks of chocolate into cookie dough hoping it would melt and make chocolate cookies. It did didn't, and we were given the most popular cookie.

Who invented eggless chocolate chip cookies?

No body invented chocolate chip cookies they were just the first person to try and make egg less chocolate chip cookies.

What were some foods invented in the 1930s?

peanut butter chocolate chips chocolate chip cookies

When where chocolate chip cookies invented?

They were invented in around 1900. Also the person who invented them was a woman. Hope I helped!

When were muffins invented?

Muffins were invented in the 10th or 11th century. I Like Chocolate Chip Muffins !:D

What year did levis Strauss invent chocolate chip cookies?

1930 is when it was invented

Where was the first chocolate chip cookie invented?

toll house in new england

What year was mint chocolate chip ice cream invented?

69 AD

When was chocolate chip cookie dough invented?

In 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield

How does a chocolate chip get the name chip?

It is in the small shape of a "chip". Therefore its a chocolate chip.

Where does the name chocolate chip cookies come from?

Chocolate chip cookies are called chocolate chip cookies because they are cookies with chocolate chips in them.