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you are all noobs that want this question

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When did catapults stop being used?

The last time catapults were used on a large scale was during WW1. The soldiers would use catapults to launch grenades into enemies lines.

When was the last time the US used guerrilla warfare?

civil war

What time period were catapults discovered?

In 399 B.C

What kind of warfare do you have now compared to are warfare in World War 2?

In Video Games,Its Call Of Duty 5 World At War, In Real Life,Its A Modern Time Warfare. So That's It =P

Did Alexander use catapults?

Yes he did as far as i know and catapults have been being used from 400BC-Now so if he was in that time period then YES

Why were the cathedrals of the Middle Ages built to be so big?

The Middle Ages were a time of Holy Crusades, and Seige Warfare, Cathedrals were built huge, not only to make these places of worship "worthy of god" but also to ensure the buildings would withstand catapults, battering rams, and other seige-warfare weapons.

Who was manager the last time real madrid won the champoins league?

The last time Real Madrid won the Champions League, it was in 2014. Their manager was Carlo Ancelotti.

Where was the last sighting of a real alien?

there is no real answer because they are happning all the time and by the time somone updates this there will have been another

When was the last time the queen of england had real power?


Are you a real person or a computer?

Last time I checked, I was a person.

When is the last time Christian beadles was on Facebook? < Real- Deal this is his real facebook

When did Real Madrid win la liga?

When did last time real madrid win la liga

Do witchs exist?

Uh well....last time I checked I was real.

What is Kendall's real last name from Big Time Rush?


How long do ignition coils last?

They can last the life of the car or can fail at any time. There is no real average.

What is kendal's last name on Big Time Rush?

Kendall's last name on the show is Knight, but his real last name is Schmidt.

In what wars have catapults been utilized?

The first catapults appeared in Greek times (400 BC-300 BC), early adopters being Dionysius of Syracuse and Onomarchus of Phocis. Alexander the Great introduced the idea of using them to provide cover on the battlefield in addition to using them during sieges. Catapults were more fully developed in Roman and Medieval times, with the trebuchet being introduced a relatively short time before the advent of gunpowder, which made the catapult obsolete. Cannons replaced catapults as the standard siege weapon in Europe in the 14th century. During medieval times, catapults and related siege machines were the first weapons used for biological warfare. The carcasses of diseased animals and those who had perished from the Black Death or other diseases were loaded up and then thrown over the castle's walls to infect those barricaded inside. There have even been recorded instances of beehives catapulted over castle walls. During the trench warfare of the First World War, smaller catapults were used to throw hand grenades across no man's land into enemy trenches before being replaced by mortars.

When was last time Real Madrid beat Barcelona at the Nou Campe?

The last time Real Madrid beat Barcelona was April 21, 2012 with a score of 1-2. The game was played at the Nou Campe.

Was Sun Tsu an actual general?

Sun Tzu was probably not a real person.

How was ancient Roman warfare significant?

The evolution of ancient Roman warfare was the main force behind a long list of foreign conquests. This was the significance of that warfare. To summarize some of its military strengths and innovations that notable for its time are: * the ability to abandon the phalanx and develop the "legion" as its main military force; * the ability to wage war relentlessly; * superior siege methods and tactics; * excellent "artillery" in the form of catapults; * disciplined training that allowed their soldiers to fight in any type of climate; * the practice of military maneuvers even in peace time, thus enabling them to enter real battles with confidence and skill; * their marching and everyday building of encampments; and * their ability to use soldiers from captive nations to serve as auxiliaries to their legions.

When was the last time Real Madrid won against Barcelona?

1923 at wembley

When was the last time a mermaid was spoted?

Never. They don't exist in real life.

What is Kendall ls from Big Time Rush real last name?


When was the last time real Madrid won the champions league cup?


Why do dreams last about 3 seconds?

They don't; they just seem to physiologically. They really last much longer in real time.