When was the pipe invented?

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The pipe was invented thousands of years ago. At least during Roman times, possibly even earlier. Romans were the first architects to make good use of water systems in general and definitely used pipes.
thousands of years ago, most likely in china or the ancient middle east, its debatable. they were made of of fired clay or hollowed and banded logs

What are pipe standarts?

The standards tell the different wall thicknesses schedule 40 is standard then schedule 80 extra heavy and schedule 120 for very high pressure applications. . Copper goes by Type K,L ,M M being the lightest .

What is seamless pipe?


Who invented the Tobacco pipe?

Forms of the tobacco pipe have been used for hundreds of years andearlier versions of this pipe since ancient times. Therefore it isnot known who invented this pipe.

How long is the pipe on a tobacco pipe?

Length varies widely with regard to tribe and probably indevidual craftsman. Plains natives seem to make the longest - some more than 1 1/2 feet long. Some southwestern tribes made simple clay and soapstone pipes 3,4,5 inches long. Personally, I have made functional pipes 2 - 2 1/2 inches long.

Who invented the copper pipe?

Egyptians invented the copper pipe. They used them to buildelaborate bathrooms in the pyramids. They also used them forirrigation and sewage systems. . +++ . Bathrooms? In the Pyramids - which were built as tombs?

Where can you buy a pipe?

Tobacco shops sell pipes and smoking accessories; check you local directory. Most medium to large sized towns have hookah shops that will sell hookah pipes to anyone with Identification who is of age in the particular jurisdiction.

What is ESVC pipe?

In answer to your question the acronym 'ESVC' stands for Extra Strength Vitrified Clay.. Hope this helps. -Dan

Why was the Pipe Organ invented?

It wasn't really "invented" it was developed. People are always trying to improve musical instruments. In antiquity, people sought ways to improve on the syrinx or pan pipes which were blown by mouth.

When was the pipe organ invented?

Certainly sometime prior to 300 BCE. It is possible that primitive organs were constructed in Egypt or Mesopotamia well before this period and the development of the Hydraulus.

What year was the pipe organ invented?

The pipe organ was not invented. It was a development that goes back to ancient times. Credit is sometimes given to Ctesibius, a Greek engineer of the third century BCE. However, his contribution was a hydraulic wind regulation system to an existing instrument. It is likely that small pipe organs we ( Full Answer )

Who invented PVC pipe?

Waldo Semon first made pipe out of PVC when he was working for B.F.Goodrich in the 1920's. PVC itself was first synthesised in 1872 by German chemist Eugen Baumann .

Where was the pipe organ invented?

Early organs were developed in the Southern Mediterranean area, possibly Egypt, sometime prior to 300 BC.

Who invented the pipe wrench?

The person who invented the pipe wrench's name is: Daniel C. Stillson. I googled it that's the only way I know :p

Who invented the pipe organ?

Unknown. The organ developed well before 300 BCE. The Greek engineer and inventor Ctesibius of Alexandria developed a hydraulic wind stabilization device around 265 BCE.

Who invented the pan pipe?

The pan flute or pan pipe is an ancient http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Musical_instrument based on the principle of the chttp://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Closed_tube, consisting usually of five or more pipes of gradually increasing length. Hard to say who invented the pan pipe. Pan, a mythical Greek figu ( Full Answer )

We think a Greek Barber invented the pipe organ what is his name?

Ctesibius of Alexandria. But he didn't invent the organ. He invented a wind stabilization device and therefore the Hydraulis or "Water Organ." The pipe organ pre-dated this innovation by at least a century and it's inventor or developers name(s) are lost to history.

What is a pipe?

A pipe is most commonly defined as a hollow cylinder or tube used to conduct a liquid, gas, or finely divided solid.

Who invented the 's' bend pipe and why?

Eli Whitney after he developed the steam engine to allow for the coefficient of expansion per degree of temperature changes also called an expansion loop

What date was the pipe organ invented?

Its is impossible to say as the organ was developed rather invented. Ctesibius or Ktesibios, an engineer in second century BC Alexandria, invented a hydraulic wind stabilizing mechanism for the pipe organ of that time. There is evidence that primitive pipe organs were being built at a considerably e ( Full Answer )

What is an exhaust pipe?

That big pipe on the bottom of your car with the cat and muffler on it, ends in a tail pipe, squirts pixie dust.

What is cunifer pipe?

The alloy Cunifer owes its name to the three main elements from which it is made: copper (Cu),nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). Cunifer was specially developed for use in applications that come into contact with brackish seawater.In general terms, Cunifer is extremely corrosion resistant and in particula ( Full Answer )

What is ACR pipe?

ACR is Air conditioning & Refrigeration trade. The pipe widely used in ACR industry is of Copper. ACR pipe is a Copper pipe meant for connecting AC units.

What is a Pipe Hitter?

"Pipe Hitter" is military slang that originally referred to someonein the Special Forces but has come to mean anyone who will go tothe extreme to accomplish an impossible mission.

What is pipe fitting?

A pipe fitting is anything that connects two or more pipes together. Pipe fitting is the job of installing piping. It is broken down into sub categories, of water, gas, steam but all are pipe fitters.

What is GI pipes?

galvanized iron pipes commonly used on water pipe lines, it is dipped into zinc for corrosion protection

What is svcp pipes?

S audi V itrified P ipe C ompany. A maker of ceramic pipes in Saudi Arabia. PVC pipe is P oly v inyl c hloride (a "plastic") pipe used worldwide for water and sewage.

What does a pipe foreman do?

A pipe Foreman's job is to get direction from his direct general foreman and to plan an execute the work in a safe and timely manner with a craftsman's pride makes sure conditions are safe and reasonable accessible material for the job to be done he should also already have lined up and ready.he has ( Full Answer )

How many pipes are on the pipe organ?

As the vast majority of pipe organs are custom designed there is no one, definitive answer. A small, hand pumped, table top organ ("or Portative") might have as few as 25 pipes - or two octaves. The common, medium sized church organ averages around 1,000 pipes. Large organs can have upwards of 10,00 ( Full Answer )

What is water pipe?

A bong or a water pipe is a special pipe. When a person smokes with a bong, they pull the smoke through the water in it. This makes the smoke not as hot. Most often, either tobacco or cannabis are smoked with it

What are DSS Pipes?

Duplex Stainless Steel pipes are using when the corrosion allowance is exceed the limit to do Stainless Steel pipes. The maximum corrosion allowance allowed in a Design life (7000 cycle / 20 years) is 3 or 6 mm. This having a high yield strength than the S.S pipes

How many pipes does pipe organ have?

It depends on the number of ranks. Typically, there are 61 pipes per rank for keyboard ranks and 32 pipes per rank for pedal ranks.

Can you carry on a pipe?

Interesting question. Yes you can...just say its your tobacco pipe.. ive told the police that one time and it worked... but I would COMPLETELY clean the bowl piece and insides the best you can. make sure theres no resin you can just scrape off of it. besides that, you cant get charged for possession ( Full Answer )

What is tuberculation in pipes?

The development or formation of small mounds of corrosion products on the inside of iron pipe. These tubercules roughen the inside of the pipe, increasing its resistance to water flow. (Source: EPA)

What is pipe fabricator?

a pipe fabricator would be a pipefitter that fabricates pipe in a shop or in the field.he/she does this with a welder and a helper.a number of power tools.he takes a set of iso drawings and cuts pipe to length and makes the fittings until he has fabricated what the drawing he has in his hand calls f ( Full Answer )

When were water pipes invented?

Today Over 2,800 years ago and some pipng systems over 2,000 years old are still being used My Name Is Jeff

How do you light a pipe?

It depends on the pipe your using.But most pipes are the same,all you have to do is hold the round part and light the open spot on the button of the pipe.

What are plumbing pipes?

The pipes which are used by plumbers for installation andmaintenance for the distribution of potable water for heating andwashing, water borne waste removal and drinking also. To know moreinformation visit at- alliedallcityinc.com.

What is MOC in pipe?

As I was best able to determine, it stands for "Material ofConstruction" in plumbing/engineering speak.

What is piping inspector?

piping inspection means checking pip line with rules and specification( according to P & ID drawing )all item included and completed 100 % proper line to plan

How do you remove pipe glue from pipe?

by gradually heating it ANS 2 - I have to do that sometimes wit both PVC and ABS glues . -I find the easiest quickest way is to sand it off with an electric sander.

What is invert of pipe?

The Invert Level of a pipe is the level taken from the bottom of the inside of the pipe as shown below. . INVERT LEVEL OF PIPE . Section through pipe. Water level. Invert level. Crown of pipe.

How was the pipe organ invented?

It dates back to prehistoric times. The syrinx or "pan pipe" was simply blown by mouth. Someone, whose name is lost in the mists of history, decided to experiment by blowing these pipes by mechanical means. Ctesibius (285 -222 BCE) is given credit for inventing a type of organ called the hydralis bu ( Full Answer )

Who was the Englishman who invented the pipe organ away from the pipes so they didn't have to be pumped?

Confusing question. It mixes both the invention of "mechanical blowing" and electric key action. To answer the question directly: Robert Hope - Jones. However, he invented neither electric action or mechanical blowing. The latter was developed in the 19th century when steam engines, internal combust ( Full Answer )

Which pipe used in concrete pipe?

A concrete mixture of sand, cement, and small gravel is used to make the concrete from which the tubular concrete pipe is made. The pipe is made of concrete.

Who invented the children's bubble pipe?

In the year of 1918, there was a man named J. L Gilchrist who filed for a patent for the children's bubble pipe, which he got the idea of off of a painting from an artist. He later finished the invention and starting selling

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