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When were term limits imposed on the presidency?

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22nd amendment to the constitution ratified on 2-27-1951

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How can term limits by imposed on members of Congress?

Term limits can only be imposed on members of Congress (Senators and Representatives) by Constitutional amendment.

Were term limits on representatives imposed by the articles of confederation?


Term limits for members of the US Congress can be imposed only by?

constitutional amendments

What was the term limits on the presidency when the constitution was ratified?

There was no legal limit until 1951.

What office has a 2 term limit?

The US Presidency has essentially a two-term limit and is the only federal office with term limits. State governors have terms limits of various sorts in some states.

What is the only office that limits the number of terms served in the constitution?

The presidency of the United States is currently the only federal office with term limits.

How can a president serve 10yrs in office?

If he ascends to the presidency midway thru a term and then is re-elected 2 more times. This has not happened since limits were imposed, with LBJ being the only one w/ the opportunity but choosing not to run in 1968.

What president caused term limits to be put on the presidency?

Franklin Roosevelt is the main reason that term limits were set on the Presidency. He was the only President who ignored the unwritten rule set by George Washington and ran for a third term After he was elected, he decided to go for a fourth term. Had he not died during his fourth term, who knows how many terms he might have sought?

Which branch is the only one subject to term limit?

The executive branch, namely the presidency, is the only office on which there are any term limits,

Are term limits imposed on members of the US Supreme Court?

NO, they serve for life or until they voluntarily resign/retire.

Who was president when term limits were imposed?

Harry Truman The first President to which the amendment was applicable was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

How does the 22nd amendment affect us today?

The 22nd amendment clearly states term limits for presidency.

What is the definition of imperial presidency?

Presidency that exceeds the constitutional limits.

Should politicians have term limits?

You bet they should and so should the Presidency and the Premiers and politicians in Canada as well.

Are there any term limits placed on the presidency?

Yes, the U.S. president is limited to two elected terms in office.

How many terms could a president serve under the original constitution?

There were no term limits on the presidency until 1952.

What are mandatory term limits?

They are limits imposed on many state and local elected positions of a maximum total number of terms and/or a maximum number of consecutive terms that a person may serve.

What limits the presidency to a two term limit?

The 22nd amendment to the constitution allows a president to be elected to at most two terms.

Is there a limlit on use of headerfiles in a program?

No. The only limits are physical limits imposed by the hardware (memory constraints).

What are the term limits for the Mayor of Houston?

no term limits

Why are there no Congressional term limits?

The Constitution didn't establish term limits for Congress; as with the US President, term limits can only be imposed by constitutional amendment. Further, the US Supreme Court held it is unconstitutional for states to set term limits on Senators and Representatives in US Term Limits v. Thornton, (1995), because their qualifications are outlined in the US Constitution. The Seventeenth Amendment (1913) provided for election of US Senators by popular vote, superseding the constitutional clauses allowing state legislatures to elect Senators, so that right is reserved for the people.Case Citation:US Term Limits Inc., v. Thornton, 514 U.S. 779 (1995)

How did roosevelt serve over twelve years as president?

It was Franklin, NOT Theodore who served beyond two terms. At the time, there were no official term limits for the presidency.

What is a 2 term presidency?

It's a presidency that's two terms long. A U.S. presidential term lasts four years, so a two-term presidency is an eight-year presidency.

Did Franklin Pierce serve the maximum numbers of terms he could?

There were no term limits on the presidency when Pierce was President. Pierce made an effort to get the nomination for a second term, but lost and so served only the one term as President.

What are the constitutions term limits?

The constitutions has two term limits. The two term limits are ratified the Constitution and the federal constitution convention.