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when there are no questions left

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If you are a registered user, go to "My contributions" on he blue panel on the left. Then select "Filter by: Questions (asked)". It will then list all the questions you've asked on WikiAnswers.

In the left blue toolbar, click on 'My contributions' under 'My pages'. Change the 'Filter By' from 'action' to 'Questions (asked)', and hit 'Go'.

If you are registered on WikiAnswers, you can click "My Contributions" in the blue bar on the left. In the drop down menu at the top, select Questions (asked) to see all the questions you have posted on WikiAnswers.

When you type a question on Wikianswers, the question will go under a category to the left called "My contributions." When you click that option, there will be a drop-down menu that allows you to click on "Questions (asked)." Once you click that, you can see all of the questions that you have asked as a user member on Wikianswers.

Look under My Contributions under Quick Links on the left navigation panel.

Anybody in the world with access to the Internet could be asking questions on WikiAnswers. Click on "Question history" in the blue toolbar on the left. At the very bottom should be the ID or username of the person that asked the question.

Unanswered questions are generally left on WikiAnswers indefinitely, unless of course they violate WikiAnswers' policies.

In the blue panel, on the left of the screen - towards the bottom is a link titled 'my contributions'. Click that, and it will show you everything you've done on this site. If you just want to view the questions you've asked, you can use the drop-down arrow by the 'filter by' box - and select 'questions asked'

In the blue sidebar on the left, click on "My contributions," and that will tell you the history of everything you have done. If you know how long ago you asked a question, there are date stamps [In GRAY wording] to help you out.

By going over to the left, in the blue edged box going down the page, scroll down until you see the section of the blue box where it states 'My Pages', under this section click 'My Contributions', from there filter the settings where it states 'Questions (asked)' and you will see all the questions you have asked on WikiAnswers.

From the WikiAnswers category "Computers", you get a list of, alternatively: * the highest rated questions * recently asked questions * unanswered questions All this functionality can be accessed by clicking "Browse" on the top edge of the page, and then selecting the sort order in the left sidebar.

You can check your contributions page. Access that from the left side menu under My Pages. There you can review all the contributions you've made, whether questions, answers or edits.

To look at questions you've asked or contributed to look on your left sidebar and under "Quick Links" hit the button called "My Contributions". You can then look there for questions you have asked.

no just click on answer thing (which was on the left side of the answer box and you can answer questions, on wikianswers if you have an wikianswer address you have it so people can see who answered or cahnged it

You can change your email settings in the "My settings" page. You can find that by clicking the link in the blue toolbar to the left of the screen.

UNREGISTERED: In the "Enter question or phrase..." bar, type in your questions and find your question.REGISTERED: "My contributions" (on the left blue bar under the section "My pages") > "action" to "Questions (asked)" (in the drop-down menu "Filter by:") > Find question

The majority of unanswered questions on is not due to the answer being unknown... it is primarily due to the ambiguity of the questions for example... Why can't you answer some of my questions? Related Questions: Does the person who asked this question have an answer to a question and does not know how to post the answer? Does this person who asked this question wish to know why their question was left unanswered? As such it is highly recommended that questions be as specific as the answers the person who asked this question is searching for. Also, if your questions are not answered, you might want to put them in a category so it would be easier for someone to answer your questions. You can also add the questions unanswered to your watchlist.

WikiAnswers questions do have dates. The exact time that a question was submitted (and any other action taken, such as an answer or edit) is listed on the question's "History of Changes" page. See the blue tab at left. We don't make a big deal out of the dates because we think questions are timeless. Although the person who originally asked a question wants an answer ASAP, WikiAnswers is about growing questions and answers into permanent resources that will help thousands of people in the future.

If you are searching for new questions, simply go to the WikiAnswers home page and look on the left column.

Try clicking on the most-recent questions tab at the top of your page to see what questions are being asked. Try clicking on the recent site activity tab to the left of the page to see what people are doing right now.

The best way to find a question you asked is to set up a bookmark to your question after you ask it. Even if the wording gets changed a little, the bookmark will still get you there.If you are signed in, you can also go to the My Contributions page, available in the side navigation bar to your left. Next, go to the Filter by: scroll down menu, and choose Questions (asked). Then, hit go, and it should show all questions you ever asked on WikiAnswers.If you are on the site, when a question you ask gets answered, you will get a notification (in the upper right, by your username). If you configured your settings to allow it, you may also get an email.

Yes, there a number of questions that should not be asked on WikiAnswers. Anything that constitutes cyberbullying, requests for private details, and any illegal information are all prohibited on WikiAnswers. It is recommended that all registered members of WikiAnswers review the rules for contributing in the Help Center (linked in the blue menu to the left).

When you log into WikiAnswers, there is a blue column on your left with a list of options, and one of those options is "my contributions". Just click on that and it will take you to every question you've asked, as well as every question you've answered, and even the messages you have left for others on their message boards. You can also view your contributions by clicking on "view" next to your contributions on the right side of your bio page.

Click on your username at the top-left - that will bring your profile up. Click the 'see all' button at the bottom of the 'Recent contributions' box. Click the little 'down arrow' - to the right of the word 'action' (next to where it says 'filter'). Select 'Questions (asked)' and click the orange 'Go' button. The questions you have asked will be listed by date order - newest first.

To see the questions you asked:Log into your account.Click on "My Contributions" on your left side of the screen under "Quick Links".Near the top after "Filter by", select "Questions (Asked)" from the drop down menu.Click the "Go" button

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