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When you accelerate you feel a knocking in the steering wheel and a squeaking sound from the floor board?


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probably a universal joint. Or a cv joint depending on what is applicable to your car


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Telescopic steering wheel means the distance between the steering wheel and the dash board can be adjusted. Like a telescope, you can move the steering wheel forward or backward. This feature allows the driver to adjust the distance of the steering wheel from the dash board as per his height and sitting position. The manual version is available in most of the cars. Some cars have the power version of this feature like Lexus ES 350.

To the left of the steering column on the dash board

Look under the dash board near steering column

under the dash board where the steering wheel is located

vane type and rotary vane type

Most likely next to steering column. near dash board

Under the dash board on the left side of the steering column.

There is a relay under the steering column inside the vehicle.

It is located in steering colum as a curcuit board.

You need take out the whole dash board and your steering wheel

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should be located underneath the dash board by the steering colum.

under steering wheel/dash board and has a sliding door covering its opening

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Depends on the car. I think usually its on the Left side of the steering wheel.

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Where-ever you heard somebody say this (probably on the internet), they were obviously hitting the "F8" key fast or hard.

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