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When you close your doors in your car the dash light do not turn off?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-18 19:07:27

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You mean the courtesy lights? If so, sounds like a bad door switch somewhere.

2006-08-18 19:07:27
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Why do the dome lights stay on when all doors are close on a 2000 ford expition xlt?

The dome light should stay on for about 15 seconds and then go out as a courtesy light. If it stays on all the time you probably need to check the dash and turn it off. Usually the dash light dimmer rotates tp a point that will turn it off.

How do get the interior lights of a 1993 AStro van to turn off?

Just above the headlight switch is the dimmer control for the dash lights - roll it all the way to the right to turn the interior lights on and, of course, to the left to turn the dome out and the farther you turn it the dimmer the dash panel gets. There is also that switch on the dash next to the fog light switch which controls the dome light activation when any of the doors are open and if it is on and a door is ajar, the light won't go out. Or if one of the door switches is loose or stuck it will affect the operation of the light as well. In that case turn the door switch off.

Why do the courtesy lights on a 1997 Blazer not turn off when you close the driver's side door?

Could be the interior light switch on the dash is turned on or the door light switch is broken.

How do we correct the Dash panel door open indicator light to turn off all the way?

You'll need to check all the pin switches on the doors, one of them isn't working.

How do you tell if your 1996 Grand Cherokee has a factory installed security system?

When you turn the key off and lock the doors, there will be a red light on the top of the dash that flashes while the alarm arms.

How do you override the dome light on a 05 ford expedition so they dont turn on when you open the doors?

I believe you turn the gauge panel dimmer wheel all the way down ( located just to the right of your headlight switch on your dash )

Why is your srs light not turning on when you turn the ignition?

the light in the dash has been removed or blown out.

What is the exclamation light on the dash of the 1998 Cadillac Catera?

I think the exclamation light is the light for you to turn on you headlights.

How does the vacuum operate the headlights in a 1977 corvette?

There is a vacuum line attached to the back of the headlight switch on the dash. When you pull the switch out to turn on the lights this allows vacuum to open the light doors through rubber vacuum lines. When you turn the lights off this cuts the vacuum to the lights and a spring opperates the doors and closes them.

What could cause dash lights stop working on a 2001 GMC Yukon Denali XL?

i have the same problem my dash light turns on when i turn on the interior lights but when i turn on only ........the dash light they wont turn on but they work when the interior lights are on they do work ., there a separate fuse ?

How do you turn off the security flashing light on the dash of a Subaru?

Using your entry remote, lock and unlock the doors. This happened to me when I had the battery changed. Subaru tech told me to lock and unlock with the remote and it worked.

Why do the interior lights on a 1996 Chevy Blazer stay on when all doors are shut and engine is off?

check your dash light dimmer switch it may be turn all the way up if so turn it down this should turn the lights off and also on some models there is an override switch that should be by where you turn your headlamps on if you push this in it should shut off the lights but will not allow them to come on when doors are opened

Why do I hear a clicking noise when drivers side door opens on a dodge neon?

This is from a relay under the dash that turns your dome light on. More than likely, you are missing a rubber pad in one of your doors that pushes up against the switch to turn your dome light on. The front doors have 2, one is for the headlight warning. Check all the doors and check for a loose switch also.

Why won't a dome light turn off?

There should be a way to dim and brighten your dash lights. Its different for every car but if you turn it until it clicks your dome light should turn off. Dome llights are adjustable so make sure yours is in the position that when you close the door it turns off.

How do you reset the engine immobiliser on a Hyundai Terracan?

open the doors with the key turn the key on but not try to start wait for the alarm to stop the immo light on the dash should go out your free to start and drive good time to change the battery in your key if you lock the doors with the key it will arm the security system and you must turn it off with the key

How do i turn off the security light on the dash board on a 2003 montecarlo?

punch it out

How do you change the overhead light in 96 Ford Aspire?

I just changed mine. Pull gently down and snap off on the plastic globe. Take old fuse out and put in new fuse. Replace (snap on) the plastic globe. Turn overhead light switch toward driver side to turn off dome light. Turn overhead light switch toward engine to automatically turn light on when doors are opened. Turn overhead light switch to right passenger side to turn light on with doors closed (or open).

How do you disable the factory car alarm of a 1999 Volkswagen Passat?

Close all the doors then use your key, keying through the door key hole to turn lock then turn to unlock all the doors.

How do you stop the key bell when in accessory mode on a 2000 s10?

Close the doors and /or turn off the lights.

How do you close the headlight covers on a 1990 Oldsmobile tornado?

They should close when you turn the headlights off. If not, you can close them manually with a knob in the engine compartment. It's round and located just to the left of the hood latch. Turn it clockwise until the headlight doors close. Then you can turn it counter-clockwise to open them.

Were is the check engine light on the dash located?

Turn you car key half way so that all your dash lights light up. Whatever looks like an engine is it.

Dome light for 2000 Explorer will not turn off and door ajar light is not on?

Just to the right of your headlight switch , on your dash , is a gauge lighting dimmer wheel switch - check to see if that has been rotated all the way up. If it has , that turns on the courtesy lights when the doors are closed

When you turn the AC on should you also immediately close all the windows?

Yes. Close all windows doors etc in the area you want cooled!

How do you turn of the reading lights on 2011 Sienna when the doors are open?

there should be a switch on the dash that overrides the courtesy lights, check the drivers manual.

How do fix the dome light for 2000 Explorer when it will not turn off and the door ajar light is not on?

Just to the right of your headlight switch on your dash , there is a gauge lighting dimmer wheel switch . Check to see if that has been rotated all the way up . If it has , the courtesy lights will stay on with the doors closed