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it may be your egr flow that's connected to your egr valve. my car has that problem right now! its a Honda 98 accord v6.

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2011-09-14 10:34:38
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Q: When you come to a stop and then you press on the gas to go why would your car jerk almost as if you were pressing on the brake?
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Why would a car jerk when pressing the brake?

You could be pressing the brake pedal too hard. Another reason why it may jerk is because the pull brake is engaged.

Why is the Brake light on 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

The brake light in the dash would be on because the emergency brake is on. If you mean the brake lights in the back, this would be because you are pressing the brake peddle or something is broken.

What is meant by brake pedal pads?

It would be the rubber pad that sits on your brake pedal. Unless they were referring to brake pads, which are the pads which enables your vehicle to stop by pressing the brake pedal.

How can you get your brake lights to work when you apply the brake?

The first thing that I would do is look at the arm of the brake pedal and make sure the arm is pressing against the brake switch, press the brake pedal with your hand and see if the switch head goes in. Also if you have someone with you have them watch the brake lights and use 2 fingers and press the head of the switch in and ask if the brake lights are on,it may be that the switch is bad. this would be step 1. depending on how old the vehicle is you may have a broken 12 volt wire or a ground wire, if your turn signals work and your taillights work I would first check the brake light switch. i have never seen 2 brake light bulbs go bad at the same time.

Why would you get a whistling noise when you press the brake pedal down on your 2000 F-250?

Brake booster problem?

Why would your brake pedal feel soft when you press it?

Air in the brake system. You need to bleed the air out of the system.

Why would my engine turn off when you press the brake?

You may have a bad power brake vacuum operated booster.

Can you use a cookie press to make oatmeal cookies?

No the chocolate chips would clog the pressing machine.

Where is the hand brake in a grand prix?

there's not hand brake. what you would find is a pedal brake in the bottom left of the driver side. Witch you press down to apply it, and press down again to release it. Hope this help you.

Where is Shift lock located on a 94 Lincoln Mark VIII?

If you mean that you can't shift the shifter while pressing on the brake, I would say that it is down by the brake pedal.

2004 Ford F-150 engine revs up when you press the brake?

I would say your power brake booster is shot.

Your radio turns off and on in your 1998 Honda Accord LX?

Check for a loose fuse, check your wiring, check the connections, sounds like something is loose. Also make note as to when it turn off, are pressing the brake? using the turn signal? I had a firebird that every time I press the brake the signal lights would turn on and the radio would turned off, that turned out to be I used the wrong bulb in my brake lights

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