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== == == == == == == == Main cause of acne is the hormonal imbalances in the body. Hormone imbalances are very common in: * Teenagers. * During pregnancy. You should not wait for the acne to take its course as people in their 20s or 30s can still get acne. Many over the counter herbal products are available that are safe. I found the site Best Acne Products that really helped my daughter. The link is below. Good luck. I have an aunt that had acne until she was in her forties,( her face looked to have deep pits) then she began using "Pond's" skin cream every day morning and night, now her skin is beautifully smooth, you would never know she had a skin problem. I'm sure this would work on male as well as female.

A: I wouldn't wait until your 20's. I'm in my 20's and still have it. I'd suggest going to a dermatologist if you aren't already, my dermatologist was a lot more helpful than my regular doctor. Sometimes topical creams work for acne, but sometimes you need to take something orally to help (for deeper rooted/cystic acne). I'm not sure if you're a female, but I was put on Birth Control and that's made the biggest improvement in my skin. The other oral treatments are antibiotics (which can be paired with birth control) or acutane. Acutane comes with a lot of side effects/risks though, so do your research before you take it. I believe you need to get your blood tested monthly to make sure it's not hurting your liver. Sometimes with birth control or antibiotics you need to play around with the dosages until something works. I also use oxy wash to wash my face, it's 10% benzoyl peroxide. Can dry your skin, so sometimes I use it every other day. Good luck!

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Q: When you go the doctors what should you ask for to get rid of acne I Am 15 And Have Tryed Nearly Everything The Doctor Just Keeps Telling Me That The Acne Will Not Go Away Until I Am In My 20's?
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