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When you have the AC on in your 2000 Pontiac Firebird it leaks on the passenger side under the dash board why?


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2005-09-21 02:21:58
2005-09-21 02:21:58

the drain is cloged.It is condensation from the ac.the water usually drips on the ground from a drain hose.when it gets cloged it fills up in the unit and runs out on the floor.stick something like a artist brush up in the drain hose to airconditioning for awhile so water can build up.then put stick up the hose till water starts to come out.dont need to force it up there.


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I went from the original quadrajet to a Holly and it solved that problem... Are you sure it is not the carb?

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the air conditioning pump is on the passenger side thats the only thing that leaks water there

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this could be from the heater core. When the heater core goes out it leaks....right into the passenger side floor board If it is water, not coolant, the problem could be a plugged air conditioner drain. Easily accesible from under the hood.

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My 95 Firebird lost almost all of it's power one day and took it to the shop, turns out my mass aif flow sensor was bad and i had vacuum hose leaks and one had actually collapsed. So it's possible your engine isn't getting the air it needs.

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you can pressurize the system to find a leak

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