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When you try to copy a file to a drive it gives you a disk clean up message when you have space on the drive?


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No, it actually means that your disk is full and you need to take some stuff that you no longer need on the disk. Either that or get a new disk.


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An error message that tells you that you have low disk space means you are running low on space on your drive. You can free up space by deleting unused programs and files.

I have a Hp pavillion with XP operating system. After my computer crashed, I used an XP operating disc to get it back up and running. Now my local disc (H:) drive appears to be my primary drive. But it has 7.59 GB of used space and only 423 MB of free space. My local disc (C:) drive has 1.48 GB of used space with 178 GB of free space. I get message stating that my memory is low on the local (H:) drive. Used disk clean up that only free up KB.

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It finds all kinds of files that are useless on your hard drive that is taking up space. Everytime you get on the internet it is putting small temporary files on the hard drive. If you need a little extra space you shoud run disk clean up.

Disc space is the amount of computer storage space on random-access memory devices, such as on a hard drive, floppy or USB flash drive. Free up disc space by running a disc clean-up, removing unused applications, and removing duplicate files.

Disk clean up is used to free space on the hard disk so that space can be used to store some other data on the hard drive. It is also called as computer maintenance utility.

Use the following tools to optimize HDD space Disk defragmenter Disk clean up CC clean up Registry cleaner

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it is when your c drive is out of space it is when your c drive is out of space

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Drive space usage is how much memory used from the total hard drive space. It's basically how many stuff you put into a hard drive compartment.

Because there are not deleted yet but were moved in the new location. If you want to get the space back you have to clean the recycle bin too.

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the easiest way is to do a scan on ur fier wall and check the files in the computer and then do a hard drive clean up

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It is not yet possible to have unlimited hard drive space on a PC.Hard drive space is finite; like most things in life.

we store any data in memory it will not store side by side .it leaves some space for next one due to this we can't use the total memory. so0 by defragmentation, it will moves the data side by side. eg: if u have a 60gb drive if u fill it upto a 50gb if u want oto enter a new data it gives a message that the drive is filled but it is not filled. if we defragment the drive then we can store the data.

No, you do not, but operating systems are software just like other things, and they take hard drive space, so if you are low on disk space you should clean up a bit before installing a new OS.

They clean them selfs with a wet cloth

of course. its a disk cleaner that helps delete unused data and makes more space in your hard drive.

The "total amount of drive space" is whatever the capacity of your hard drive(s) is.

they dont................

You can increase your D drive space from your C drive by typing in this command "em>partition" on your start menu. From there you will need to go under admin tools and select to extend your space.

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