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Several possibilities come to mind with that description: You COULD have a bad solenoid or starter, you COULD have a bad keyswitch, you COULD have a bad battery connection that needs cleaning. I'm certain there are numerous other possibilities that could account for what you describe, these are just the first things I would look at. If you have any other information on the subject post another question and I'll put this on a watchlist.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-19 04:47:06
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Q: When you turn your ignition on 1995 Toyota Corolla and start the car nothing happens like the battery is dead but when you immidiatly turn off the ignition and try again it starts whats the problem?
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Why is a 1997 Toyota Corolla battery clicking?

More than likely you have corrosion at the terminals. Clean the battery terminals and then recharge the battery and see what happens.

Why when you turn the ignition key nothing happens?

It could be a bad battery, or connection. A bad starter and or solenoid could be the problem, along with an ignition switch to name a few.

What happens if you don't unhook battery terminal when you remove the radio in a 2009 corolla?

You could accidentally short out the power wire to the radio and blow a fuse. But you really do not have to disconnect the battery terminal. Just remove the fuse for the radio circuit and you will be fine.

You just changed your battery and now nothing happens at all when you turn the ignition?

you either overlooked a hot lead that needs to be reconnected at the battery, or you grounded a hot wire and blew a fuse or fusible link wire

What happens if you connect the ground wire to the terminal and the red wire to the - terminal on the car battery ie connect the battery backwards but did not start the car?

once a battery is connected even if the key is not in the ignition, there is always power at certain points in your car. Connecting a battery backwards will not start your car, but it can and will fry the wires to your starter.

Car won't startI turn the key the ignition lights come on but nothing happens after roll starting it and driving it for a bit switch it off and then if try to start it with the key it works?

Low battery voltage? poor battery connections?

2008 Grand Caravan key won't turn in the ignition?

This happens a lot. We finally figured out to disconnect the battery and wait 20-30 seconds. I actually heat a "click" in the steering wheel/ignition area in the car and the key works fine.

What happens when you break a battery?

The battery does not work.

What happens when you burn a battery?

the battery will leak

1995 240sx engine wont turn or rotate and the dash lights dont turn on either battery is fully charged?

your battery is probably dead...., if when you turn the key and nothing happens at all...your battery is probably dead... Solution: Well, it turns out it was my ignition switch. That was my first guess. Im glad i went with it.

What happens if towing driver damage your ignition switch?

Towing will not damage your ignition switch.

What happens when you put a battery in a fire?

The battery will explode.

When you turn the key nothing happens not even a click New battery fitted new starter motor fitted Electrical problem any ideas?

Possibly the ignition switch is defective.

What happens if you use reverse polarity battery on car plus keep POS-POS NEG-NEG?

If you operate any electrical device even turning on the ignition, you risk burning out any diodes.

What happens if you dont disconnect negative battery terminal while installing gauges?

If you don't disconnect the battery when installing gauges, it is possible to create a short circuit and blow a fuse. Some gauges have power present even when the ignition switch is turned off.

What is low battery voltage?

It's what happens when a battery is about to expire.

What happens when you lick a battery lols?

Depends on what kind of battery

What happens when the alternator over charges the battery?

It will destroy the battery.

What happens when the ignition is turned on in a car engine?

The ignition system is powered up and ready to run the vehicle.

When you turn the key to the start position nothing happens shorting across the solenoid points works previously replaced to no avail?

with a fully charged battery and clean connections to the starter and battery check fuses first and if good, replace ignition switch under steering column

What happens when you wrap foil around a battery?

The battery becomes hot

What happens if you mix sulphuric acid in a battery with vinegar?

You will ruin the battery.

What happens if you don't change the ignition coil?


1978 Trans Am 400 ci totally rebuilt The car will not start this is not a battery problem Nothing happens when you turn on the ignition What could the problem be?

Is the car in park? Do the lights turn on? If so are the dim, or bright? If no lights you likely have a dead battery. From there I would check fuses. Good luck.

Would changing battery of 2005 Toyota corolla cause radio malfunction?

Yes. If you disconnect the battery from the vehicle what happens is that the anti theft system on the radio thinks the the radio is being stolen because it loses power. What you have to do is enter a code that is provided to you by the dealership. If they don't have the code on record then the dealer has to remove the radio to find out the code.

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