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These threats from mistresses have happened more often than most people know. Mistresses are under the illusion that they have conquered the wife and that the poor husband has been treated so badly, but, in truth, it's usually one big fat lie by the husband and the immature mistress will buy it every time. She'll think she can change him and "oh the poor guy, what a b-t-- his wife must have been." Have you ever really met a mistress that is a bit curious as to what the wife really is like? I sure haven't. The mistress truly believes he will divorce the wife and marry her. Even if this should happen the two of them will eventually go at each other like two Pitt Bulls in a gunny sack because they both have cheated and they don't trust each other.

As far as your husband he could be telling the truth and just have a yellow streak up his back and if she did blackmail him, he should have had the guts to come clean with you. Nope, he just went right on cheating with her because he wanted too. Don't buy into this one.

His destiny is in your hands now and I know you are heartbroken more than words can explain. I think you need to separate from your husband for a few months in order for you to think things out and decide if you want to even bother giving him another chance. I hope you will realize that in many cases there were marriage problems and both parties simply ignored them and it went from bad to worse. This is still no excuse to cheat, but often people will not seek out marriage counselling or sit down and talk to each other about their problems and seek so-called comfort from someone else. Both men and women (usually it starts in the early 40s) start to become concerned about their age and think they are missing out on something. They often need to prove "they still have it with the opposite sex" and venture out and there you have it .... an affair. You are going to have to decide if it's worth saving your marriage.

Good luckMarcy

AnswerHe is lying. Why continue this for sake of blackmail? She is going to tell the wife no matter what isn't she? She may have blackmailed him to continue, but only so much time would he allow this. No one wants to be with someone that controls them.

She didnt hold a gun to his head to have sex with her. It sounds like fatal attraction to me. He is guilty of having an affair, and coming clean with it. He should have had the balls to end it with or without threats.

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Q: When your husband is found out having an affair why would he tell you that the first encounter was a mistake but she blackmailed him into continuing the affair because she told him she would call you?
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