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If your fan is not working more than likely it is the coolant temp sensor. It is located just under the cylinder head (Just under where the spark plug wires are) on the drivers side. There is a tube that has two sensors in it one has one wire the other has two wires the two wire one is the culprit. There are two different ones so you might want to take your old one with you to match it up. One has a pointed end the other is flat.

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Q: Where and how do you check the fan relay on a 96 Escort LX?
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Where is the radiator fan relay for escort lx 96?

On the firewall of the passenger side of the engine bay.

Does a 96 Ford Escort 1.8 Zetec have a cooling fan relay?

if it is an electric fan then yes. it does. and it should be located on the fan itself. if not, follow the wires till you find it. shouldn't be far.

Why would 96 contour radiator fan not be coming on?

Check the fan sensor and relay for the Contour fan. Check the fan motor next. One of these three will most likely be the problem.

Why doesn't my 96 Chevy Blazer fan switch work on high?

its a relay in the dash or check ur switch

Where is the a c relay switch on a ford escord?

Is your Escort a 91 to 96 or is it a 97 to 2002?

No water flow on 96 Ford Escort?

Check thermo operational.

Where do you find the cooling fan relay control circuit on a 96 Chevy Beretta?

In my '96 beretta the cooling fan relay switch is located on the drivers side strut tower. That may not be the problem. If your fan still won't work after changing the relay switch try the coolant temperature switch/sensor.

Where is the sensor located to turn on the radiator fan it should cycle on and of and pull in a relay cannot find either one?

On a ford escort 96 , it is under the fuse box that is located uder the hood on the drivers side . right under the fan fuse.

What would cause the radiator fan to always run on a 96 Toyota Corolla?

a bad fan control relay

Why is the engine Fan on all the time on NEON 96 after engine gets hot It will not turn off until u unplug the battery. It runs fine until fans turns on then there is no stopping it.?

Check the fan relay its sticking.

Why headlights dont shut off 96 bonniville?

A 96 Bonneville should have a relay in the headlight timer circuit. Check the relay as it is most likely stuck and needs replacing

What does a 96 jetta fan relay look like?

The 1996 VW Jetta fan relay is located under the hood on the drivers side. The legend is located in the top cover of the fuse center.

How do you check the cooling fan in a 96 Grand Cherokee?

its a pulley fan, it never goes bad

Why radiator fans doesn't stop on my 96 Chrysler Cirrus?

If the radiator fan does not shut off on a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus, the fan relay might be bad. The fan relay is usually located in a bank of relays near the battery.

Can't get dash lights to work for 96 ford escort?

Check fuse for parking/tailights Check the rheostat dimmer switch

Why does your 96 TA overheat when you know it isn't the aux fan motor or any of the fan relay's you know the relay's are good cause you switched them all with the Ac Fan and used the Ac with all 3?

could be the thermostat and/ or water pump

Location of blower motor relay on 96 GR Cherokee 318 V8 Limited?

check relay box under the hood

Where is the fan relay in a 96 Chevy s10?

The relay is located in the engine compartment, sitting together with two other relays, the one in the middle of the three is the one for the fan. the one closest to the passenger side is for the fuel pump.

1996 thundrbird fuel pump relay installation?

You cant change just the relay. On 96 thunderbirds the fpr is part of the Constant control relay module "CCRM" this also controls the computer relay and you electric fan relays.

Will a 99 escort transmission fit a 94 escort?

No, A 91 to a 96 transmission will fit a 94 Escort.

Where is the relay switch located on a Plymouth Voyager?

I had a 96 model, and I think (as far as I can remember) it was under the fan unit case.

Will the 97 escort exhaust system fit on a 96 escort?

Yes, it should.

Where is the starter relay switch on a 96 Saturn SC2?

96 Saturn doesn't have a starter relay

Will a transmission from a 1997 Ford Escort fit a 1996 Ford Escort?

No. The 97 is a third generation escort and the 96 is a second generation escort.

What in the location of the main relay on 96 F150 300 6cylinder?

Fusable link? Check at starter solenoid