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Saturns are typically made in the United States of America, as they are owned by General Motors. However, some models, such as the Astra are made in Europe. However, this is only where the final product is made, individual components may be made in other countries.

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Are Saturn cars manufactured in the US?

Yes, they are manufactured in Spring Hill, Tenn.

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Where can one locate more information on Saturn cars?

You can contact any GMAC dealership in your local area and find our more about Saturn cars and trucks. They are now manufactured under the GMAC family of auto and truck brands.

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What is some information on the GM Saturn?

GM Saturn is a company that is a subsidiary of General Motors. The company originally manufactured and sold cars but was discontinued by General Motors in 2010.

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Where is Saturn Astra manufactured?

It's manufactured in Belgium.

Does the Saturn Ion come flex fuel capable?

The Saturn Ion was never flex fuel capable when it was being manufactured. The Saturn Ion is no longer being manufactured.

Is Saturn manufactured in America?


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Where can a Saturn Sky car be bought?

A Saturn Sky car can be purchased from any car dealership that sells cars manufactured by General Motors. Alternatively you may buy one online from a used car website such as autotrader.

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General Motors discontinued their line of Saturn automobiles. Saturn vehicles are no longer being manufactured.

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Can you buy used Saturn cars online?

YOu can go to a dealership to buy used Saturn cars, but you can also go online to different places to also buy used Saturn cars. An easy way to go is on the main Saturn webpage.

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Is the potiac soltice and Saturn sky manufactured in the same plant?

After speaking with a Saturn dealer I was told they were manufactured in the same plant. The chassis is the same for the Solstice and the sky.

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