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The city of ancient Rome is roughly where Rome is now, whereas the empire of Rome contained majority of europe and parts of asia minor and Africa. It was massive.

Modern day Greece has the same location as ancient Greece. The only difference being Ancient Greece contained parts of modern day Albania and Macedonia.

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Q: Where are ancient Greece and ancient rome?
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Did ancient Rome and ancient Greece both have a golden age?

Rome and Greece

Who has the earliest history ancient Greece or ancient rome?

Ancient Greece came before ancient rome.

What was larger ancient Greece or Rome?

Ancient Rome was definitely larger than ancient Greece.

What is the culture of ancient rome and Greece called?

what is The culture of ancient Greece and Rome called

Is ancient Rome or ancient Greece more popular?


What came first ancient Rome or ancient Egypt or ancient Greece?

Ancient Egypt came first then ancient Greece then ancient Rome.

The culture of ancient Greece and Rome is called?

The culture of Ancient Greece and Rome was called classical.

How did Ancient Greece change to Ancient Rome?

Ancient Greece did not change into ancient Rome. It was conquered by the Romans and was annexed to the Roman empire. It still remained Greece.

Compare and contrast Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were actually quite similar. They were both democratic. However, Greece had much more art than Rome did.

What did Ancient Greece take from Ancient Rome?

Nothing, Ancient Greece came before Ancient Rome, and actually Ancient Rome took things from Greece, Romans were influenced by Greek religion and some of their architecture.

Which literary period includes the literature of ancient Greece and ancient Rome?

The Classical period includes the literature of ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

Who had more land Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece?

Ancient Rome developed the second largest empire antiquity was. It included Greece.

What literary time period was ancient Greece and ancient Rome included in?

Ancient Greece and ancient Rome existed, as the term ancient suggests, during antiquity.

Why was ancient Greece least successful than ancient rome?

Because Ancient Greece did have the same technology as Ancient Rome as Ancient Rome were technologically advanced. Ancient Rome had a stronger army and a more stronger and structured democracy.

Was Ancient Rome or Greece more successful?

Ancient Rome was more sucessful.

Where did ancient Rome occur?

in rome. Mainly in italy and greece.

Where did ancient Rome get marble?

Marble for ancient Rome came from Italy, Greece and Turkey.

What are five common things between ancient Rome and ancient Greece?

Ancient Rome adapted many ideas From Ancient Greece

How does artist from ancient Greece contrast to ancient rome?

Ancient rome were anonymous, poorly paid workers.

What civilizations influenced ancient rome?

Ancient Greece and the Etruscans

Did ancient Greece have gladiators?

gladiators were an ancient rome invention

What are some similarities between Greece and Rome?

The Greek and Roman countries (Greece and Rome) are both located in the Mediterranean Sea. There exist differences and similarities in the ancient Rome and ancient Greece economy.

Did ancient Greece have aqueducts?

No. Rome had aqueducts.

What civilization came after ancient Greece?


Where did euthanasia originate?

ancient greece and rome.