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they r used in roof,making cups & soccers etc. they r used in roof,making cups & soccers etc.

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Q: Where are ceramics used?
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What kind of ceramics is used to make bricks?

which type of ceramics is used to make bricks

Are ceramics synthetic?

There are both syntetic (ex: ceramics used to cover the space shuttle, ), and natural ceramics (ex: clay, used in pottery).

Why does a house use Ceramics?

Ceramics are used for many types of tile. They can be extremely hard wearing.

What was clay used for?

pottery and ceramics

What company used crossed arrows on their ceramics?

The most recent company to use this type of stamp was Lefton ceramics, which imported popularly priced ceramics from Europe after WW2.

How can lithium be used?

LIthium is used for batteries, ceramics, lubricants.

Which type of ceramics are used for making bricks?


What is name of the Mineral used in glass and ceramics?


What is a clay used to make ceramics and cosmetics?


Which type of ceramics is used for making bricks?


What was uranium used for before 1920?

For colouring glasses and ceramics.

What are the uses for lithium?

Lithium is used for batteries, ceramics, lubricants.

What is ceramic grade used for?

you take Ceramics in 10th Grade

What is the name of the Mineral used in glass and ceramics a feldspar?

microcline is the answer

What are the advantages of ceramics?

advantages of ceramics ?

What is augite used for?

Augite is used for ceramics. I couldn't find anything else than that...

How does ceramics fit into heat and temperature?

Ceramics fits into heat and temperature in a way that the majority of ceramics have to be heated to gain the strength and durability as needed, and where there is heat there is temperature. Also because some ceramics are used for heat insulating for example the fire bricks or refractory bricks that are used to build kilns and fire places because they can with stand high temperatures while heating or firing.

What is difference between ceramics and glass ceramics?

Well, ceramics is usually made from clay such as porcelan or teracota. glass ceramics is made from glass...

What are brick and clay used for?

Brick is chiefly used for building walls. Clay is used for ceramics and pottery.

Is ceramics from animals?

No, ceramics come from the earth.

How is Bauxite used?

to make aluminum, also aluminum oxide ceramics

What kind of soft pliable substance is used to make ceramics?


What is the name of a thin liquid clay that's used in ceramics?


How is the mineral Kaolinite used?

Kaolinite is used for the creation of ceramics and filler for paint, rubber, and plastics.

When was uranium first used?

Uranium minerals were used from the antiquity as coloring agents for glass and ceramics.