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Where are most of the volcanoes located in relationship to the tectonic plates?


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Most volcanoes are near plate boundaries, either at a divergent boundary or on the overriding plate at a subduction zone.


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Tectonic plates shift, and rub together to create earthquakes. Volcanoes erupt using magma that the plates float on, and the magma turns into lava.

Near the edges of tectonic plates.

Because of the movement of tectonic plates.

Yes they are both caused by movement of the tectonic plates!

Volcanoes often occur where tectonic plates meet.

Volcanoes don't usually erupt on tectonic plates they erupt in the cracks on the sides of the plates. And they erupt as a sort of exhaust for the earth.

because there by the edge of the tectonic plates.

when the plates move, they can form volcanoes and cause earthquakes.

There are no volcanoes on Kalimantan as it is not situated where the tectonic plates meet.

Scientists observed that volcanoes and earthquakes occur at the edge of tectonic plates.

Bali is located on two tectonic plates.

tectonic plates are located in the upper mantle&&crust.

"Young" mountain ranges as well as earthquakes, volcanoes and tectonic plates tend to be located on or near the boundaries of tectonic plates.

Volcanoes are only found on the edge of tectonic plates & they can also be found on cracks in the tectonic plates which is un-common

the tectonic plates shake under the earth causing earthquakes

Movement to the tectonic plates creates volcanoes, mountains and crevices in the earth's crust.

Most volcanoes form along the edges of Earth's tectonic plates. Also most volcanic eruptions are preceded by earthquakes.

Volcanoes usually form where tectonic plates meet.

Volcanoes occur as a rupture on a planet's crust. Earth's volcanoes are generally found where tectonic plates are converging or diverging. For example, the Earth's Mid-Atlantic Ridge has volcanoes that are caused by divergent tectonic plates that are pulling apart; whereas the Pacific Ring of Fire has volcanoes that are caused by convergent tectonic plates that are coming together.

something about tectonic plates.....

The layer that the tectonic plates are located is the Upper Mantle and it is liquid.

yes, actually there is. When tectonic plates move the can create opening and hill. When these hills form magma from the earth's core runs up threw it creating volcanoes.

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