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Where are the front airbag sensors on a 1998 Ford Winstar?


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2005-04-08 16:26:38
2005-04-08 16:26:38

Can't give an exact answer, don't know the car... but usually the front sensors are either in the front bumper, or right in front of the radiator.


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There are two in front on my 1998 Rav4. One on each rail in front, left and right. But, It depends on how many airbags the car has. For example, if there are side air bags as well there will be additional sensors for the side air bags.

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In front of and behind the catalytic converter.

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No, it's not in the seat, it's in the dashboard in front of the passenger.

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There are usually two separate speeds sensors on a 1998 Dodge Ram. One is located on the rear of the automatic and one is located on the front of the automatic.

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