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check under hood on the fire wall. it's there you will have to look hard

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2006-05-06 05:16:26
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Q: Where are the hidden vin numbers for 1976 F-100 ford trucks?
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How rare is a 1976 Ford f100 bicentennial edition pickup?

Ir is rare for sure. How rare is hard to say, but this is not your common 1976 Ford F100.

What is the value of a 1976 ford f100 in excellent condition?

Check nada for price

Where is the fuel filters on a 1976 ford F100?

should be right around the carb

Are the cabs on the Ford F600 and F100 the same on 1956 trucks?

no they are 1 inch increments of being the same

What type of oil does a 1976 ford F100 use?

10w30 is a good viscosity for your truck.

What is the firing order for a 1976 F100 302?


Will 1966 ford f100 radiator fit in 1965 ford f100?

It depends. Do you have a V8 or Straight 6? 1966 Ford F100 had several different radiators - some of which will fit, and some wont. If the 1966 radiation has a rear mounting flange, it will fit - assuming that both trucks have the same engine. Straight 6 and V8 engines have different rdiators

1975 Ford F-100 Can you put dual exhaust on it?

I have a 1976 F100 and yes I put Dual Exhaust on the truck and it is great!!

What is the gear ratio for a 1982 Ford F100 pickup?

In some 1982 Ford f100 trucks I know they have a 4.10 Gear ratio like my truck but with that gear ratio if you go over 55 mph you can say goodbye to your gas mileage so get a smaller gear ratio.

Why would the headlight switch on a 1970 F100 get hot causing the lights to go out?

headlight switch has a short in it and needs replacing This is very common on older ford trucks.

What year tailgate fits a 1965 f100?

F100 1961-1966

Will a Ford F100 302 1976 fit in a 1973 Ford Ranger?

yes just have 302 motor mounts installed and proper drive shaft!

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