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the headlight retractor contrrol is located in the dash on the drivers side, right above the steering colum, and the retractor relay is located on the passenger side we\heel well, right by the courtesy light and th wiper cleaner control relay

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Q: Where are the retractor relays on a 1983 Toyota Supra?
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How do you find and replace the headlight retractor relays on a 1983 Toyota Supra?

inside drivers side quarter panel behind drivers door - retractor relay under hood by night light, but where is the retractor relay module - - I didn't find it in kick panel, nor by under hood fuse box as Toyota parts diagram indicates - - - help!

Where is the fuel pump relay located in a 1983 Toyota Supra?

The fuel pump relay is located on the left cowl side of engine compartment.

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You can get a diagram for a 1983 Toyota truck 22R engine at various auto part stores. You can also check in the owner's manual.

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Where can i fine the diagram for the vacuume lines in a 1983 Toyota Corolla?

You can find the vacuum line diagram for the 1983 Toyota Corolla in most Chilton's manuals for that model and year of vehicle. You can also find this diagram at many auto repair shops or libraries.

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Where is the horn relay located on a 1983 Z-28?

I have a 1982 Z28. I am in the middle of replacing all of the relays and fuses in it. There is a plethora of relays behind the dash, removal is necessary and is a relatively arduous task. I recommend you replace all of the relays if you have not done so yet. They are all as old as me and have probably been used as often to boot. There are also relays behind the radio enclosure and in the center console. I believe the horn relay is on the drivers side near the computer dock. Good luck.

Why would a 1983 Toyota Tercel lose power?

blown head and loss of comperession in two of the four cylinders

What is the firing order on a 1983 Toyota 22R motor?

Firing order :1-3-4-2 Cheers!