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Where are the retractor relays on a 1983 Toyota Supra?


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2009-09-10 04:07:32
2009-09-10 04:07:32

the headlight retractor contrrol is located in the dash on the drivers side, right above the steering colum, and the retractor relay is located on the passenger side we\heel well, right by the courtesy light and th wiper cleaner control relay


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inside drivers side quarter panel behind drivers door - retractor relay under hood by night light, but where is the retractor relay module - - I didn't find it in kick panel, nor by under hood fuse box as Toyota parts diagram indicates - - - help!

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The fuel pump relay is located on the left cowl side of engine compartment.

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Toyota TownAce was created in 1983.

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In the sliding door footwell. There should be a silver plate.

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The fuel pump on a 1983 Toyota Tercel is located inside the fuel tank. It sucks fuel from the tank and pushed to the engine.

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